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4 thoughts on “Bainbridge police face ‘cuts on top of cuts’

  1. I hope Kim Brackett’s “sacred cow” doesn’t get involved in an accident, rob her house, get raped, or sell her kids dope at school. She’ll have to show some patience until the police are able to respond to it. Seems like she could do without the police. Until, of course, comes the time when she actually needs them. The city web site used to have a functional link where you could listen to the audio of committee meetings. At the June 16th community relations committee, Ms. Brackett ranted on about her police department. She showed genuine contempt and distrust of her own police department. “Sacred cow” indeed !

  2. Hunter,
    Instead of blaming Kim Brackett, why don’t you blame those in the City’s administration that got us into this financial mess. Oh, and don’t forget the councilmembers who continue to spend more and more on unnecessary capital projects.

    What was it on 10/8, $200,000+ additional for Winslow Way. Wouldn’t that have paid for a patrolman or two.

    You can’t place the blame on Kim Brackett, she is one of seven on a council whose majority continues to act as the minions of a puppet master staff and administration.

  3. MMA, I think there is plenty of financial blame to go around, certainly not all of it is Ms. Brackett’s fault I agree. The city, both administration (as a whole) and the council(as a whole) do not know how to handle strategic financing. I think we could go on for several posts about the city’s poor choices that we are now all paying for. My post was more geared towards Ms. Brackett’s apparent dislike or non-support of law enforcement, particularily her own police department.

  4. We could increase the number of police officers available and save money by contracting with the Kitsap County Sheriff’s office. Its rare that there is a genuine need for “additional patrol officers”, but I’m sure it does happen occasionally. The police chief is describing a staffing problem created by a two hour trip to drop off a suspect at the county jail. It does not make sense to hire one or two additional FTE’s to solve an occasional two hour problem. It would cost much less to contract with the county sheriff or the Suquamish police for occasional help when our police staffing is short handed. It would also be interesting to know if taking the suspect to the county jail was really so necessary that it warranted putting the staffing below a “necessary” level.

    I see the City of Sultan has decided to save money by disbanding their city police department and contracting with their county sheriff for police services. The Sultan police officers will transfer to the sheriff’s office, the sheriff’s office will provide the same level of service to the citizens of Sultan, and the city will save significant tax dollars. Sounds like a win for all concerned. If the City of Sultan’s savings are extrapolated to the Bainbridge budget, our savings would be over $400,000.00. Time to think out of the box and consider all alternatives. I’d love to hear opinions on the upside and downside of such a plan.

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