Inslee rumored as possible pick in Obama cabinet

Congressional Quarterly mentioned island Congressman Jay Inslee as a possible choice for interior secretary in Barack Obama’s cabinet, should he win the presidential election next month.

Here’s what CQ had to say about the Bainbridge Democrat:

During six terms representing suburban Seattle, he has become one of the leading liberal voices in the House on energy and natural resources issues. He is a strong advocate for environmental protections on public lands and has opposed controversial proposals to allow more logging in national forests. So for environmental groups he would be an attractive pick. Advancing renewable sources of energy is a top priority of his, and Inslee would mark a clear reversal from Bush administration priorities to aggressively expand oil and gas development, and mining. But he would be a controversial choice who could alienate conservatives and Western energy producers.

What do you think of Inslee, as interior secretary, taking the helm of the National Park Service, the Fish and Wildlife Service, and Bureau of Land Management?

9 thoughts on “Inslee rumored as possible pick in Obama cabinet

  1. I would miss Jay as my representative but am very excited for what he could do in a bigger role. I hope it happens!

  2. “Another good reason to vote for John McCain . . .” ????

    What was the other good reason?

    Oh that’s right, I forget . . . he’s a Maverick!

  3. I would not like to lose Inslee as my Representative, but he would be a great choice for Interior.

    When I think about who could replace Jay Inslee in Congress then I hope that Obama picks someone else.

  4. Inslee is also engaged in other issues, such as technology, privacy, education, business. Though an admirable feat to serve on a presidential cabinet, Inslee’s current sphere of influence would be reduced.

  5. I think Inslee can better serve us as Representative. Although it didn’t make a difference, I’m still grateful that he didn’t vote for the bailout.

  6. It isn’t a moot point. Preferences aren’t synonymous with election results. Besides, I want to know how each candidate plans to staff the WH if elected.

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