Police blotter: Amourous drunk driver dances in the street

It was the promise of romance that made one inebriated motorist race 50 miles per hour over Koura Road’s 35 mph speed limit. Or else it was his full bladder. That certainly explains the dancing in the street he did after he was pulled over.

Oct. 2
Drunk driving: A Poulsbo man was arrested for speeding and drunk driving shortly after 6:30 on Koura Road. Police initially noticed the man’s vehicle traveling 83 mph in a 35 mph zone and swerve off the roadway onto the gravel shoulder and veer onto the oncoming lane ahead of a patrol car. “I believed the driver was going to lose control and crash at any moment,” the officer observed. Once pulled over, the driver spoke in a slurred manner and smelled strongly of alcohol. When asked why he was traveling so fast, the man replied that he was “late to see his lover.” During field sobriety testing the man said “he had to ‘pee’ so badly that he was hurting and began dancing around the street while holding himself.” Concerned about a potential mess in his patrol car, the officer allowed the man to relieve himself in nearby bushes before arresting him. After reading him his rights, the man said he didn’t understand what police were saying because English is not his native language. However, the police’s conduct seemed “very legal,” an officer quoted the man as saying.

Sept. 30
Stolen: Approximately 17 political signs were reported stolen along various roadways. Many of the signs were for Republican candidates. Some of the signs urged viewers to ‘Drill Now’ and ‘Cut COBI Staff.’ Losses were estimated at $255.

Theft: A Bainbridge woman reported that items were stolen from her unlocked car while she attended a yoga class on Komedal Road. A music player, garage door opener, cell phone charger and music CD were among the stolen items.

Theft: Police were called to the Bainbridge Public Library to investigate a male seen prowling vehicles in the parking lot. The suspect had been observed peering into vehicles and putting his head into open windows. Police did not locate the suspect. He was described as wearing “sloppy Hip-hop clothes” and a hooded sweatshirt. One patron later told police that two blankets and some children’s clothes were stolen from his car.

Sept. 29
Pot bust: Bainbridge police and their dog Rusty helped Suquamish police locate “a large amount” of marijuana in a vehicle on State Route 305, near George Lane in Suquamish. Two suspects in the vehicle were arrested for possession of illegal drugs.

Break-in: A pickup truck was damaged when an unknown person tried unsuccessfully to break into it while it was parked at a church on Wyatt Way. Damages were estimated at $700.

Drunk driving: An Edmonds man was arrested just after midnight for drunk driving on State Route 305 near Winslow Way. Police had initially noticed the man’s Infiniti sedan repeatedly cross the centerline. Once pulled over, the driver admitted to having consumed alcohol at a Kingston bar.