Police blotter: Drunk driver suspects “little Republicans” are at play in his arrest

This week, a California man arrested for drunk driving attempted to root out the GOP leanings of his arresting officers. Not only is the Bainbridge Island Police Department full of “little Republicans,” the Republican conspiracy against drunk drivers appears to permeate the entire state, slurred the tipsy suspect.

Also this week, evidence that perhaps crime sometimes turns inward on itself (or that Bainbridge teens are on the cutting edge of a new DIY fashion trend). Teenagers were nabbed by police after taking part in a little tagging downtown. Turns out they were not spraypainting walls, windows or cars, but their own clothes.

Read on for these and other police blotter items….

Sept. 27
Break-in: A Honda Civic was jimmied open and rummaged through by unknown young people during the night on North Town Drive. The owner’s brother saw five young men run from the scene and flee in two pickup trucks. All were between the ages of 17 and 20, according to a witness. Nothing was stolen. Damage to the car was estimated at $150.

Sept. 26
Crash: A Seattle man driving a Yamaha motorcycle crashed after nearly striking another rider in his motorcycle riding group. He suffered undisclosed injuries and was evaluated by an aid unit.

Sept. 25
Crash: A Silverdale woman driving a Volkswagen car veered off Bucklin Hill Road, struck a traffic sign and drove into the ditch just before 7:30 a.m. The woman was trying to steer away from another vehicle. Rather than push her brake pedal, she hit the accelerator. Her car sustained front-end damage.

Sept. 24
Assault: A suicidal woman pushed, choked, hit and bit her roommate in their Knechtel Way residence at approximately 8 p.m. The victim initially found the suspect in their home cutting her arms with a knife. When asked what she was doing, the suspect said she was upset that their relationship was no longer romantic, that she feared the victim would leave and that she had no where to go. The victim threatened to take the suspect’s television unless she stopped cutting herself. The suspect, who had been drinking alcohol, put the victim in a “bear hug” but the victim broke free and threw the TV in the trash outside. When she returned, the suspect was destroying music CDs, had broken a chair and damaged the floor. The victim began hiding all the kitchen knives while the suspect rummaged through a tool box for a razor blade. During her search for a cutting implement, the suspect damaged the victim’s computer. The suspect then ran to her room and began cutting herself, causing blood to stain her bedding. The victim tried to get the suspect to calm down and take a shower. The suspect pushed the victim to the floor and began to choke her. The victim broke free and began picking up her CDs. The suspect then hit her in the ear and bit her on a breast. At one point during the conflict, the suspect put a knife to the victim’s throat and asked if she wanted to die. The suspect also put the knife to her own throat and said, “Watch, I can kill myself in one fell swoop,” before making two cuts on the left side of her neck. Police were called about the incident on the following day. Injury marks were noted on the victim’s neck, ear, breast and foot. Police noticed fresh cuts on the suspect’s arm. The suspect told police she had been depressed about losing her job and not knowing where she would live. She said she could not remember the assault. Police transported her to Harrison Hospital in Bremerton and a report of the incident was forwarded to the prosecutor for possible charges.

Sept. 23
Suspicious: Police were called to pursue three teenage males suspected of burglarizing a garage on Ihland Drive shortly after 8 p.m. The teens had run away
after a witness saw them near a garage. Police detained the teens after finding them at a fast food restaurant on High School Road. The teens were ordered on the ground to await handcuffing by a backup officer. Police learned that the teens had committed no crimes. They had been spray painting each other’s clothing when the witness yelled at them. They said they ran away because they were scared of the witness. They acknowledged that they should have found a better place to paint their clothes.

Runaway: A mother called police to report that her 19-year-old daughter was suffering “manic episodes” and had runaway from her parents while they were in downtown Winslow. The daughter was found by a family friend and returned to her parents. The daughter explained to police she had left her parents to prove she could do something on her own. She mentioned she has been “communicating with God.” In an effort to “test” her, God ordered her to “wander,” she told police. She also drank out of a mud puddle to overcome her fear of germs. She told police she “has joy” and “good parents,” but that she would like to return to a psychiatric hospital.

Sept 21
Death: A man was found dead of natural causes in his Parfitt Way apartment just before 9 a.m. The apartment manager was asked by a friend to check on the man. The manager called 911 when he found the man lying face down in his bead and not breathing. A friend said the man recently appeared in good spirits and healthy. The man appears to have suffered a heart problem during the previous night, according to the coroner’s office.

Sept. 20
Drunk driving: A California man was arrested for drunk driving on Winslow Way shortly after 11:15 p.m. The man was pulled over after an officer noticed his erratic driving. The man denied having consumed alcohol despite having slurred speech and alcohol-scented breath. He then failed a series of field sobriety tests. During his arrest, the man jumped out of his car and exclaimed “You must be a Republican!” He also told police that Washington “is a Republican state.” Before his trip to the county jail, the man told an officer he was being a “good little Republican” and that a “good little Republican” would take him to jail. During booking, the man again denied he had anything to drink. When confronted about lying, the man said he was “giving the standard answer to that question.” When asked if he was, instead, giving the “standard lie,” the man responded “yes, the standard lie.” The officer noted that he had to roll down the windows “and drive several miles” to “get rid of the (alcohol) smell” in his patrol car.