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One thought on “Despite outcry, city moves forward with debt-funded plan

  1. Very, very disappointed in this whole situation. I watched the council meeting and it seemed to me that the council believed that they “had” to pass the bond. That they were “forced” to do so. In reality, it was of their own making. By moving projects and bills due around without making corresponding cuts to pay for it, what did they expect to do except use the city credit card? Ms. Franz doesn’t seem to get it- of course you are going to have non-stop special interest groups pounding at the government door for funding their projects. That does not make these interest groups representative of the “public”. Stop thinking that the whining, teary-eyed, hands-out speakers that attend the council meetings are representative of the public at large. After adding another ¼ million dollars last month to the pile, Ms. Vancil has the gall to now suddenly be against the bond? She is just as much part of the problem as most of the others, she just likes to make political maneuvers over it all. Whatever happened to the public voting on that ¼ million dollar funding?

    I can tell you why there has not been any public vote for this city’s funding. It’s because it would never pass. I will not vote for any tax increase or bond issues until the city learns how to handle the money. Stop building stuff for a while, stop increasing the debt load, just please stop it! We are now going to be paying for twenty years for small projects that should have been funded out of the annual budget. Dig yourself out of a hole by not taking on anything for a while. Like a family budget, you save until you can afford it. You start paying for the groceries every week with a credit card and it doesn’t take long to end up where the city is now.

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