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One thought on “Environmental conference emits ‘postive energy’

  1. Home energy audits should be the first step in any home energy efficiency improvement initiative.

    Energy audits are not only useful for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings but are invaluable to home owners when performed by an accredited, independent professional. We had an energy audit performed on our home last fall. Many local utilities offer them for free.

    The energy auditor took just over 2 hours inside and outside our home. He explained what he was doing, why, etc. The energy audit report we received was invaluable on many fronts. It provided an overall rating for our home’s energy efficiency, a comparative rating for other similar homes, numerous general energy conservation tips for the home and specific recommendations for our home.

    There were charts, graphs and the recommendations specific to our home indicated the relative benefits of each recommendation. What also made the report of value to us was that it was not performed by a company who also just happened to provide services to implement the recommendations, i.e. the independence factor.

    We couldn’t find an actual copy of an energy audit report for a home on the internet so we ended up writing several articles about our home energy audit on the ECOENERGY page of our home’s web site if folks are interested.

    We have undertaken many, but not all of the recommendations contained in the report we received. We are still investigating both solar water heating as well as solar air heating.

    We highly recommend any home owner of any age of house to undertake a home energy audit by an accredited independent professional so they know exactly how bad or how good their home is regarding energy efficiency and so they have facts upon which to base their decisions on which energy conservation measures, especially any which may cost any amount of money, to undertake this fall and beyond.


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