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Woodward book celebrates the defence of island neighbors

Most islanders know the story of Walt Woodward’s fight against racism and war-time hysteria during and after the World War II eviction of Bainbridge’s Japanese Americans.

But never have they had such an intimate look, in both words and pictures, at Woodward and his wife Milly’s life during those years. “In Defense of Our Neighbors,” a new book by Mary Woodward, Walt and Milly’s daughter, is an up-close portrait of a dynamic and individualistic couple as they navigated the challenges of running the Bainbridge Review while providing a voice and a defense for the hundreds of residents banished from their island homes.

Mary Woodward will read from her photo-rich book at Eagle Harbor Books, 157 Winslow Way, on Sunday at 3 p.m.

Read Kitsap Sun book reviewer Barbara McMichael’s take on “In Defense of Our Neighbors” below.
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Police blotter: Drunk driver seeks southern route to Poulsbo via Winslow

This week, a Kingston boy found out how tough it can be to drive from Port Gamble to Poulsbo via Bainbridge Island. After finding the tipsy navigator searching for his preferred Poulsbo gas station near Winslow, a Bainbridge police officer was able to correct his course to the county jail in Port Orchard.

Speaking of course corrections, one Bainbridge woman is probably thinking she should have put the breaks on her day before showing up drunk for an early afternoon appearance at the Bainbridge courthouse. Hopping into her car after the judge asked her to take a breath test probably wasn’t a good idea either. Oh, and then there was the matter of threatening to both kill and sue correctional officers at the county jail. And there again she raises serious questions about her choices: isn’t it better to first sue and then kill? Dead men don’t pay damages, after all.

By the way, islanders may want to tighten the bolts and keep a sharp eye on their catalytic converters…

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