BI’s WASL scores among the state’s best

High school students from Bainbridge improved upon scores that were already among the state’s best, with more than 97 percent of students passing the reading and writing sections. Math and science scores also improved among the sophomore class.

“We are very pleased that a high percentage of Bainbridge Island students continue to perform very well on the WASL,” Superintendent Faith Chapel said in a statement. “We are especially pleased to note that the achievement level our 10th-grade students is among the highest in the state.”

However, math and reading scores slipped across the district in third, fourth and fifth grades, though passing rates in math at Wilkes and Ordway third- and fourth-graders remained among the best in the county. Sixth-graders in the district improved the passing rates in both math and reading from 2006 and 2007.

“We are concerned about lower WASL scores in some subjects and grade levels,” Chapel said. “While these variations represent an anomaly in our district’s sustained pattern of student achievement, we will be working with our staff to further analyze the results and make adjustments to support student learning.”

-Kitsap Sun staff

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