Police blotter: A ‘true’ islander assaults police

Ever hear of that archaic city ordinance that grants legal amnesty to all island families that have resided on Bainbridge for 100 years?

Neither had the cops.

Looks like you can’t shove ferry commuters or hit police officers after all, not even if your great grandpappy was Ambrose Grow.

Aug. 23
Siphoned: About $15 worth of gas was siphoned from a car parked on Day Road overnight.

Crash: A Bainbridge man driving a Saab crashed into a telephone pole along Sportsman Club road while attempting to avoid colliding with a Ford pickup driven by a Bainbridge man. The southbound pickup had been attempting a left turn into a church parking lot when the driver saw an acquaintance and waved, taking his attention away from the road and nearly colliding with the northbound Saab. No one was injured. The pickup’s driver was cited for inattention and expired tabs.

Aug. 21
Assault: A Bainbridge man was arrested for assaulting two Bainbridge police officers shortly before 3:30 p.m near the Winslow ferry terminal. An officer was at the terminal to talk with a man suspected of shoving a woman during an altercation involving automobile parking methods. The man initially refused to stop and talk with police. “I know the law and I don’t have to talk to you,” the man said. After yelling profanity at the officer, the man added: “You don’t know the law, I know the law.” The man also stressed that “his family had lived on Bainbridge Island for 100 years and because of that he didn’t have to cooperate with us,” the officer said. When a second officer arrived, the man yelled insults and began to walk away. The man shoved an officer when he grabbed his right arm. “He continued to resist and strike at officers” until he was handcuffed, an officer said. Both officers suffered minor injuries to hands, arms and legs. He interrupted police several times during a reading of his Miranda rights to inform them that he has the right to remain silent. “I’m not talking under duress,” he said. “All of you have your guns on me.” Police noted that they did not have their guns drawn. He was transported to the Kitsap County jail.

Drunk: A Bainbridge teenager was arrested just before 11 p.m. on High School Road for consuming alcohol and driving while intoxicated. An officer pulled over the teenager after his gold Mercedes Benz almost struck the officer’s car near the Safeway store. Despite smelling strongly of alcohol, the teen initially denied he’d been drinking. Later, he admitted to having consumed seven shots of vodka. He was transported to the Kitsap County juvenile detention center.

Aug. 20
Crash: An unlicensed driver from Duvall lost control of a Subaru station wagon while making a turn on to Madison Avenue from Valley Road. The passenger, sensing the loss of control, grabbed the steering wheel, causing further loss of control. The car swerved across the oncoming lane and stopped in the ditch. No injuries.

Aug. 19
Assault: The Messenger House nursing care facility reported that an elderly patient had been assaulted by her husband. During dinner, the man had grabbed his wife’s throat, choked her and yelled for her to eat faster. The victim was transferred to a Poulsbo care facility while police investigate.

Aug. 18
Crash: A Honda Accord driven by a Bainbridge man crashed into a fence at the location where Wyatt Way joins Eagle Harbor Drive. The driver said he lost control when his car drove over some gravel. The collision caused severe damage to his car.

Theft: Prescription drugs and CDs were stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Tolo Road.

Aug. 16
Burglary: A Bainbridge male was arrested for taking over $6,000 in cash from his employer’s Logg Road home. The victim suspected the employee after he had found that he was taking money from his business. The suspect confessed the burglary to police, noting that he already spent half the money on bills, debts, food, gas and “stuff.”