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4 thoughts on “BI man charged with attempting to lure child

  1. I have known Kyle Bateman for a number of years. When I read this article in the Kitsap Sun Tuesday afternoon, I immediately did not believe it. I was shocked to read the words I saw on the page.

    I do believe that he drove by just one time shouting something at the child, which was not appropiate or funny in any way, but I do not believe for one second that the vehicle was ever stopped or that Kyle repeatedly spoke to the child.

    The facts printed in the article are not true. I truly hope that the real facts of this story are eventually printed in the paper so the community knows what happened, as initially written in the paper, is not true.

  2. Obviously our police department wants to make an example out of Kyle. This is just ridiculous. I understand that Kyle shouldn’t have said that to a child. It isn’t funny to us, but remember, he’s just a goofy kid. Growing up, there were so many times that I heard kids saying stupid stuff like that to younger kids. By the way, Kyle wasn’t alone. He was with 3 other kids. A more creative punishment should have been issued, but then again, what kind of officer has time for that. Oh wait…BI officers!

  3. Stop crying for poor little Kyle. If it was your kid he victimized you would think differently. Also, stop blaming BIPD. They don’t decide who to charge. That’s up to the prosecutor’s office. Would you prefer that BIPD simply ignore complaints about people threatening to molest a child?

  4. Laura & Katie,
    I don’t believe that the police arrested Mr. Bateman at all. Looks like they wrote a report and about a month and a half later the prosecutor decided to charge him with a crime. And in looking at the state courts web site, it is not the first , second, or even 4th time that he as been in trouble with the law. Personally, I will wait and see what happens in court before I make the bold claim of “lies” being told about Mr. Bateman. There is a lot of truth in what Mike wrote above.

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