Police Blotter: Connecting Ericksen-Hildebrand by force

Not even chains can stop one motorist’s revved-up desire for convenience while running errands about town. This week, a truck busted through a chain blocking the connection between Hildebrand Lane and Ericksen Avenue. According to folks that work in the area, this isn’t the first time someone has broken through barriers erected by businesses fed up with cars using their parking lots as a through way between the two (officially) unconnected streets.

Also this week, a dissatisfied customer threatens to sic her incarcerated husband on a Winslow bank and kill an unhelpful teller.

Aug. 6
Crash: A Mazda car driven by a Bainbridge man collided with the rear fender of a Chevy Aveo driven by North Carolina man on State Route 305 shortly after 7:30 p.m. According to a witness, both north bound cars appeared to speed up from the intersection with High School Road in an attempt to not let the other get in front. No injuries.

Suicidal: A male reportedly told friends he planned to cut his throat with a knife in the vicinity of Battle Point Park. Police found the suicide suspect at the north end of the park and ordered him show his hands. “Kill me now. Just shoot me,” the suspect responded. The suspect eventually laid down his knife after making several more requests that police kill him. He indicated that he wanted to kill himself because his girlfriend and friends had caused him emotional harm. Police observed that the suspect had made several minor cuts on his neck in preparation for the final cut. He was treated by medics and transported to Harrison Hospital in Bremerton for a mental evaluation.

Unchained: A chain blocking traffic between Hildebrand Lane and Ericksen Avenue was reportedly rammed just before 5 p.m. An employee at a nearby business suspects that a black or dark blue truck seen in the vicinity drive through the chain. The truck was seen and heard around the time the chain was broken, according to the employee. The large wood post that holds one end of the chain was snapped in half. Damage was estimated at $500. Nearby business owners report that the chain was broken on two other recent occasions.

Aug. 4
Threatened: An unsatisfied customer threatened to kill an employee of a Winslow Way bank. The customer, who was unhappy about her checking account’s balance, had reportedly made death threats at a Port Angeles branch of the bank before calling the Bainbridge branch and threatening a Seattle woman who works there. The customer also mentioned that she may have her husband obtain a “day pass” from the prison where he resides so he could, instead, kill the employee.