Police Blotter: Cologne huffing boy attacks mom with candy

This week, a mother trying to stop her son from huffing cologne his pelted with candy.

Also, an islander attacks a medical helicopter with a laser, and the state patrol’s newfangled ferry rider ID system nabs the wrong person.

July 27
Drunk driving: A police officer stopped a Bainbridge man’s truck at 10:40 p.m. on Hildebrand Lane after recognizing the 41-year-old as a suspect with an drunk driving warrant. Upon contacting the man, the officer noticed the man appeared intoxicated. Although they stood several feet apart, the officer noted that the man had an “extremely strong odor of intoxicants.” When asked how much he had to drink, the man responded “not much.” He later admitted to consuming six beers while playing golf. During a field sobriety test, police had to repeatedly ask the man to not recite the alphabet in a “singsong” manner. Police arrested the man for drunk driving and for the drunk driving warrant.

July 26
Assault: A 16-year-old male was arrested for assaulting his mother and for interfering with a 911 call at 6:40 p.m. According to police, the mother had taken all of the boy’s cologne, believing that he had been spraying it into bags and inhaling it to get high. The boy became angry when she wouldn’t return the cologne. He threw a piece of candy at her, striking her eye glasses. He then broke a glass bowl against the floor. The boy tried to grab the phone his mother was using to call police. He was transported to the Kitsap County Juvenile Detention facility.

Theft: A Suquamish man reported that his vehicle had been broken into between 3 and 5 p.m. at a Madison Avenue business’ parking lot. A window was broken and a global positioning system was stolen.

July 25
Mistaken plates: Bainbridge police were dispatched to the Winslow ferry terminal after the Washington State Patrol reported that their new electronic license scanning system had spotted a stolen license plate on a Geo Prizm car. Bainbridge police stopped the driver, a woman who had two children in the back seat. She provided a drivers license, and registration and insurance information that matched her license plates. It was later determined that the scanning system had erroneous information.

Crash: A Poulsbo woman was injured when her motorcycle hit a curb on Winslow Way. The woman had been accelerating from a stop at the intersection with Ericksen Avenue. Unable to stop the motorcycle, the woman was ejected after the impact. She was transported to a hospital with undisclosed injuries.

July 24
Theft: An employee of a Meadowmeer Circle business reported that her car had been broken into while she was at work. She believes her wallet was stolen. Damage to her window was estimated at $250.

July 22
Break-ins: A Miller Road storage facility reported 17 storage units had been broken into. Police determined that someone had turned off a circuit breaker, scaled a fence and pried several locks open. No finger prints were found. The storage facility had no video surveillance. The business contacted its customers to determine if anything was stolen.

Illegal pile driving: Police were contacted by several residents in the Fletcher Bay area about loud noises caused by a pile driving operation. Police discovered a barge near a waterfront residence installing steel pilings and making an “obnoxiously thunderous” noise. When asked if he had the necessary permits, the forman of the Tacoma-based pile driver company said he “knew nothing about permits,” despite working as a pile driver for seven years. Police instructed the work to stop, but the foreman ordered it to continue for another 20 minutes because he feared that suddenly halting the operation would ruin his equipment. The city code enforcement officer determined that the company had not obtained a permit, and that pile driving is prohibited during the salmon spawning season. Police cited the company for causing a public disturbance.

Crash: A Bainbridge cyclist was injured when he was cut off by a Volvo station wagon on High School Road just before 1 p.m. The Volvo, which was driven by a Bainbridge man, was making a left turn toward Hildebrand Lane when it came into the path of the cyclist, who was traveling east on a High School Road bike lane. It is unclear whether the bike struck the Volvo. He may have braked hard to avoid colliding with the car. The cyclist appeared dazed and was transported to a hospital with head injuries and possible broken ribs. No one was cited.

Burglary: A Sakai Village Loop home was reportedly entered and a microwave damaged by an unknown person. The homeowner believes someone used a key stolen from her purse to enter her home and damage her appliance.

July 21
Break in: The hinges of a exterior door of the old transmitter building at Battle Point Park were removed in apparent burglary attempt. Nothing in the building, which is now used for gymnastics instruction, was reported stolen.

July 19
Lasered: An air traffic controller called 911 to report that someone on the shoreline between Fort Ward and Restoration Point had pointed a green laser into a medical helicopter in flight. Bainbridge police searched the area but found no one with a laser.

July 18
Rape allegation: A Bainbridge woman called police to report that she’d been raped the previous night by her brother. Police later determined the allegations to be unfounded based on the woman’s mental condition. The woman alleged that her brother entered her apartment through a “trap door” and drugged her with “silly string.” She told police she had few memories of the alleged crime, except a feeling that she wanted to “rip” her brother’s face off. She noted a “sandpaper” feeling in her groin area, which she believed may be a sign of rape. She later changed her story, believing that she may have been raped “telepathically.”

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  1. WOW! some good stuff this week.

    Tristan, can you do follow ups on the Fletcher Bay Piling story and the biggy, the WSP ferry license plate scanning error.

    What is up with the resident who tried to ‘sneak’ a dock in???

    The WSP story is interesting, did they approach the car with guns drawn? wow, this is a hot topic, didn’t the story on the main site generate over 100 user comments??

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