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3 thoughts on “Gov. Gregoire storms island beach

  1. Did any of the reporters ask Gov. Christine Gregoire about the Seattle Times article last week that talked about Ms. Gregoire’s wasting the budget surplus we had and digging Washington State into a $6 billion dollar hole. Did any of the reporters ask her about all the goodies she gave to her supporters in the last election: WEA, State employees and unions?

    There was a great political cartoon in the Seattle Times that had a very stylized C. Gregoire characterization with a big poltitcal button on her blouse that said “37% increase in spending.”

    Dino Rossi is in an excellent position. Our current Governor has had more than ample room to blow it — and she did over the last four years.

    I also notice many of the “usual suspects” down there to greet her. Besides Lester, was the full bench of the Council there? Mayor? Quitslund?

  2. 3/4 of them were either City Council, employees or the “usual suspects” supporting the local Politburo. If COBI has been in full political mode, the Senior Center aka Democrat clubhouse would have been abuzz with the activists.

    Seems to be a certain yawn factor with Christine G.

    Let’s see the coverage of Dino Rossi over in Silverdale Whaling Days today. Do you think he will see the same yawn factor? I don’t.

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