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Elvis on Bainbridge

Who can top a visit by the governor?

Why, the King, of course.

Following Gov. Chris Gregoire’s visit on Friday, Elvis (or a close approximation) will take the stage at Island School on Saturday night.

He’ll help the school raise money and celebrate the opening of its newly built gathering hall.

The show starts at 6 p.m. and costs $25. Island School is located at 8553 NE Day Road.

Call (206) 780-0428 for more info.

Gregoire on Bainbridge

Gov. Chris Gregoire hopes to take Bainbridge by sea tomorrow.

Running for reelection against Republican Dino Rossi, the governor is making a 30-minute stop at Waterfront Park at noon as part of daylong water-borne campaigning around the Kitsap Peninsula.

Gregoire will make a speech highlighting the state’s efforts to clean up Puget Sound, according to her staff.

She will also stop in Bremerton and tour Hood Canal tomorrow.

Who’s wrong? The other guy!

Recent letters and editorials in the Islander inspired Bainbridge resident Joe Honick to raise his pen and made a toast to young voices.

After reading all of the colloquies and editorials over the past few weeks, I could not help but remember one of the funniest scenes in the musical hit Fiddler on the Roof.

In this scene, the village leader, a milkman no less, named Tevye, is approached by a businessperson who complains about his competitor. Tevye assures the complainer he is correct. But the competitor, target of the complaint screams about the complaint and again is assured by Tevye he is also correct.

Finally, a bystander hearing all of this says: “Tevye, he’s right; he’s right; how can they both be right?”

In his simple wisdom, Tevye the Milkman, responds: “And you are also right!”

What we have read in Islander editorials and letters is the collective wisdom of everyone who is totally convinced of his or her commentary, something that tells us the democracy lives. If all this were occurring in a schoolyard, the principal would doubtless call for an assembly to address all the grievances because no one could be heard or understood otherwise and because no one is apparently listening to anyone else.
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