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4 thoughts on “Post office and T&C land swap gets a thumbs up

  1. I remember reading of tentative plans Mr. Nakata had for developing his land at T & C into condominiums. It is late and I am not up to the daunting task of finding the citation. However, the scenario I can see for T & C property combined with USPS parcel is for a mixed use high-rise complex with a new T & C built on the ground floor. The net result is a very sweet deal for Nakata with the value of this large tract of downtown land. We may get to keep T & C but it will come with may less-than-desireables increases in density.

    Is the deal a good one for USPO. Couldn’t USPO sell their land on the open market and buy an independent piece of land while the market is low. For the Federal taxpayers, USPO better be getting a might good deal to part with prime Winslow downtown property.

  2. Business must be good for the grocery to be building a post office. Maybe they are planning condos? Although I wouldn’t want to live above them. I’d be eating fried chicken morning, noon and night.

  3. I would like someone to look into this somewhat odd sales arrangment between Mr. N and the USPO. The property USPO owns is very valuable and they should be selling to the highest bidder and that just may be Mr. Nakata.

    USPO should then go to a warehouse location, central island, and build themselves a new facilty on the cheap. This deal reminds me a little bit of a new-car salesman taking in your old vehicle as a favor with a decent price but then fleecing you on the actual replacement vehicle.

  4. I agree with Mr. Olsen about wondering exactly what’s will be involved with impending store development. This also seems to smack of a no-bid contract, with USPS no less.

    Many with personal mail boxes need for mailing services go into downtown Winslow for “one stop shopping” and avoid the High School Road craziness if possible. I also agree with Mr. Nelson’s outside-the box thinking. If there’s enough money to build a new post office, he has an idea certainly worth looking into, such as the Rolling Bay office.

    My concern is the incredibly dangerous traffic chaos which already exists on High School Road. This seems the least likely area to relocate a central post office. Since that area feels already feels like critical mass, going to the post office would be like living in the city. Wow. More suggestions, please.

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