Police blotter: foul-mouthed girl chaser terrorizes Yeomalt

In this week’s blotter, police arrest a foul-mouthed girl chaser and a refreshingly forthright drunk driver.

July 17
Injured: Two painters at a Rockaway Beach home were injured when the scaffolding they were standing on collapsed. Police and aid units responded to a 911 call and found the men, who are from Port Orchard and Everett, lying on a sidewalk. Both were in obvious pain, police said, and one of the men was bleeding from a head wound. Police estimate that the men fell about 20 feet.

Busted: Six island teenagers were confronted by police at the Pritchard Park beach shortly after 10:30 p.m. for using the park after it was closed. Police cited and released the youths. Later, police found three small bags containing marijuana at the park. One of the bags had been buried in beach sand and marked with a granola bar. Police forwarded a report to the prosecutors’ office for possible drug possession and misleading statements charges.

Beers: A 17-year-old male was arrested near Pritchard Park shortly after 2 a.m. for possessing a case of beer. The suspect was initially stopped by police after he failed to signal before making a left turn. The base of beer, as well as a 40 oz. bottle of malt liquor, were spotted in his back seat.

July 14
Painted: A Madison Avenue school was reportedly broken into and vandalized with paint, a custodian reported to police. Paint tubes were squeezed onto several items in the school’s art room. Damaged items included a computer, chair, desk tops, a telephone, white board and record player. Several window screens were also damaged. Total damages were estimated at $1,000.

Aborted theft: Employees of the Safeway store on High School Road reported that a white male had fled the store after trying to steal an $11 bottle of wine. When confronted, the suspect began running. He deposited the wine near other store products before heading for the exit. He ran into a store display and damaged about $11 worth of merchandise just before he left.

Girl chasing: Police were called to the Yeomalt neighborhood by several residents concerned about a man who was yelling profanity and chasing girls. One resident believed the man may be “angry at the area.” Three girls who had been walking in the area were chased by the man. His language led them to believe he “hated” them. An officer found the man near the intersection of Grand Avenue and Yeomalt Point Drive. He was sweating heavily and appeared angry. When asked, the man said he had taken his medications. He noted that he was “tired of all the noise” and wanted it to stop. He “began angrily ranting about his First Amendment rights” and began to move in an aggressive manner toward an officer, police said. The officer drew his Taser and ordered the man to stop. Police arrested the man for disorderly conduct and transported him to Harrison Hospital in Bremerton for a mental evaluation

Drunk driving: Police arrested a Bremerton man on Sunrise Drive shortly after 5 p.m. for driving under the influence of alcohol. An off-duty officer at Fay Bainbridge State Park had observed the man, who appeared intoxicated, drive away in a Chevy pickup. The man made several turns in an attempt to evade a police car that was called to the scene. The man finally traveled down a driveway, parking in bushes and tossed his keys out a window. An officer asked the man to explain his behavior. The man said he was behaving oddly because the officer was tailing him, and that he had “too much to drink.” The man also mentioned his driving may also been impaired by strong feelings that lingered after a recent dispute with his girlfriend. He also volunteered that he was a child molestation suspect. The admitted to having consumed a large cup of wine. While en route to the police station, the man joked and laughed, but also threatened to hang himself and blamed his girlfriend for making him angry and drive poorly. He also told the officer he couldn’t be arrested for drunk driving because he was parked and not in possession of keys during his arrest. “He didn’t seem to understand that I had seen him driving,” the officer said.

July 13
Theft: a diamond ring valued at $1,000 was reported stolen from a Finch Place home.

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  1. hahahaha pot marked by a GRANOLA bar? must be the work of hippies. Good police work! Im glad to know that park is drug free now!

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