Police blotter: Big Brother likes fresh scents

In this week’s blotter we learn that it pays to be careful what you say in private conversations (with yourself) about your personal hygiene. The Big Brother of fresh scents is watching….and isn’t afraid to use pesticides to make you smell your best.

Also this week, a church gets hit by a car and teens at a beer bong rager tell police that their apparent drunkenness is perhaps due to having consumed a glass of wine with dinner.

July 13
Spotty and cracked: A Bainbridge woman called police to ask for an investigation into black spots appearing on her home’s cedar siding and cracks marring her wooden furniture. Police recalled that the woman had made similar reports recently. They asked her if the damage seemed to be from normal wear and tear, as had been the case in the previous incidents. The woman became agitated and yelled “I’m not crazy!” She also yelled that the police department is “incompetent” and staffed with “lazy bastards.” Certain officers are unable to read, she also alleged. Police checked the woman’s house, finding that a few marks and scratches had led to her concerns about vandalism. All property was found to have been damaged by age, weather, mold or normal usage. A report was sent to Kitsap Mental Health.

July 12
Theft: A 15-foot kayak was reported stolen from a Fletcher Bay home’s dock. The kayak was valued at $500.

July 11
Drunk driving: A man was arrested in the Poulsbo area for driving while intoxicated. A Bainbridge police officer, who was on patrol as part of the Kitsap County Traffic Safety Task Force, noticed the man driving erratically and cross traffic lanes repeatedly on State Route 305. The driver was stopped near Seminole Road just before 10 p.m., arrested and turned over to the Poulsbo Police Department for booking.

Church crash: A middle-aged Bainbridge man was arrested for drunk driving and for damaging Port Madison Lutheran Church on North Madison Avenue with his vehicle. Police were called just before 11 p.m. to investigate a report that a vehicle crashed into the 94-year-old church and driven away. Officers found the church’s front door open and its broken lock lying in the foyer. The church’s exterior was also damaged near the door. Officers found broken pieces of a headlight and a license plate lying near the church. Vehicle skid marks were observed in the roadway, and in the grass leading to the church’s front steps. Police went to the home registered to the license plate and found the vehicle parked in the driveway. The driver smelled strongly of alcohol and failed a series of sobriety tests. He explained that he’d lost control of his vehicle and hit the church.

Fraud: A Winslow resident reported that her credit card had been used without her consent to purchase a computer and other items valued at almost $800.

July 9
Party bust: A noise complaint led police to an underage drinking party on Koura Road shortly after 10:30 p.m. Upon arrival, officers noticed several young people drinking alcohol and playing loud music in a residence. Police observed about 60 cans of beer and several bottles of hard lemonade in the house. They also found a beer bong, a small amount of marijuana and a marijuana pipe. A young male told police that he obtained the alcohol with the help of an adult stranger he met outside a store. Several party goers said they had no knowledge of the marijuana. Two juveniles admitted they’d consumed alcohol, but stressed that they’d only sipped a bit of wine with dinner. An 18-year-old male who identified himself as one of the home’s residents was arrested for furnishing alcohol to minors, consuming alcohol and possession of drug paraphernalia. Two other juveniles were arrested for consuming alcohol and possessing drug paraphernalia. The 18-year-old’s mother, who was vacationing in Texas, was notified of her son’s arrest. She asserted that her son was a truthful person, and that he had not been drinking. Because she would not consent to the police entering her home, officers were unable to secure the residence or lock its doors.

July 8
Burglary: Numerous items were taken from an Old Mill Road home. A friend of the home’s owners, who were on vacation, reported the break-in and burglary just before 11 a.m. The house had been “ransacked,” with drawers pulled open and items tossed about, according to police. Stolen items included food, a guitar, audio equipment and music CDs. Several other expensive items, including a computer, were not taken, police noted.

Fish farm hit-and-run: The fish farm near South Beach Drive was reportedly hit by a vessel during the previous night, causing about $1,000 worth of damage to a fish pen.

July 7
Freshened: A Bainbridge woman contacted police to report her suspicion that someone was spying on her High School Road condominium using electronic surveillance devices. The woman explained that she had made a comment to herself that she needed a shower. She then left the condo without taking the shower, and returned hours later to find an air freshener near her condo’s door. She believes the air freshener was left as a response by someone who had heard her shower comment through the use of a hidden electronic device. She also noted her suspicion that the air freshener may contain harmful pesticides. Police documented the incident, but took no further action.