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4 thoughts on “City halts sand pit operation

  1. Wow, I thought this was a good story. It was off site by 6pm. I guess it wasn’t tabloid enough.

    thanks for adding it to the bainbridge conversation.

  2. wow, I see why ksun pulled the story! those are some nasty, personal attacks. Come on people, lets be rational. Let justice be served, we don’t need to defame a member of our small community.

  3. You wrote:

    “The developer in charge of the project will likely have to refill the holes, clear the piles and replant the 4-acre area.”

    WELL, OF COURSE THEY WILL. The actions you write about as if they are punishment for a sneak attack on “the environment” are required for almost any land-disturbing activity, and were likely already required by the permits for this one.

    Try knowing your subject even a little or inquiring a little more deeply before you grab your keyboard. Your editors should know better than to allow fact-challenged reporting like this. Blogs seem to be good places for people who can’t seem to get journalism done right.

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