Daily Archives: July 2, 2008

City halts sand pit operation


A stop work order was posted by the city at a controversial sand extraction project on the island’s south end.

The developer in charge of the project will likely have to refill the holes, clear the piles and replant the 4-acre area.

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City Halts Extraction of Sand From Bainbridge Pit

By Tristan Baurick

Spurred by residents complaints, the city halted work at a sand pit that had grown beyond its permissible boundaries.

Permitted for a 2.9-acre excavation project by the island-based Nelson Wood and Glass company, the triangle-shaped dig site at the intersection of Fletcher Bay and Lynwood Center roads actually encompasses about 4 acres, according to the city. A stop work order was issued Friday afternoon, following site visits by city and state officials.

“The site will have to be restored,” said City Administrator Mark Dombroski. “They can’t leave the holes or the piles.”

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