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5 thoughts on “Has ‘Paint Night’ gone too far?

  1. I remember local news ragging some class in the 1980s for a ‘typo’ in paint on Day Rd. In fact it was a class from 1930s celebrating a reunion: 1983-1938 or something like that.

    Kids, seniors only, stick to the road at the top of driveways. That’s tradition – the rest is vandalism.

  2. Irrespective of any value to “antic tradition” by local student, the fact is BI (and Bremerton) has seen a rash of spray-paint idiocy vandalism in recent years. Featured on Althea Paulson’s blog (Google: notebook bi, Paulson blog) another example of idiots with spray paint in evidence. This is a case of vandalism at a work site under dispute.

    Vandalism is vandalism is vandalism. Find them, charge them for the clean up and let all island residents know Police Chief Matt Haney swings a big bat on vandalism. Hope springs eternal.

    Just wait for the political sign desecration ritual on BI to begin — or has it begun?

  3. As one blogger noted, the graffito is cosmetic while you ignore possible damage to the aquifer. Republicans seem to value style over substance.

  4. Alice A ~~ ad hominem ad nauseum dulls your point. Vandalism is vandalism is vandalism. Is that concept that complicated for you to understand?

    Check out the reporting on new “paint expression” to BIPD police cruisers. You can find the article on Paulson’s Notebook blog. Are these incidents related? Is this just another BI “editorial opinion” by paint can or paint bucket?

  5. This is an island…the kids know who did what. The Class of 2008 should collectively accept responsibility and take measures to raise funds to compensate the city and private citizens affected. This would take a measure of moral fortitude, but if the island supposedly produces the best of the best, then its fully within their capability. To the parents of these kids who commit these acts or go carelessly zipping around our neighborhoods…pull your head out of the sand.

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