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One thought on “Sagging enrollment forces teacher cuts

  1. During the last levy run-up, we were pressed very hard with PR from BISD #303 front office, supporters and sympathetic unquestioning reporters (from the paper that rhynes with FUN and the paper that cares about BI) that we had completely outgrown our facilities. And that we needed more capacity. Oh, and the blog site that rhymes with FUZZ also did a great cheerleading job for passaage of an over-sold levy.

    No sooner had the ink dried on the ballots and we started to get reports from BISD #303 that the demographic estimate they produced was off. Since then we have seen consistent data points that BISD #303 population is dropping.

    What do we do if BI housing prices continue to price out young familites? What do we do with surplus schools property and capacity? I guess a start is keeping our teacher budget in trim to what the real school poplulation is and not what the spin is.

    If the Birkenstock fits ~~ wear it BISD.

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