Waterfront Park’s future


The city’s hosting an open house on Tuesday to gather input on a few designs proposed for Waterfront Park.

None of the sketches were available today for a sneak-peek, but you can check out the design firm’s website to get an idea of the work they’ve done in the past.

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City gathering input on Waterfront Park plans
By Tristan Baurick

The city will unveil plans for a renovated and more fish-friendly Waterfront Park on Tuesday.

Slated as an open house, the city will gather public input on conceptual plans for shoreline restoration, an expanded dock and rerouted trails that run along the Winslow park’s beach.

The park provides a valuable urban green space, connects Winslow to Eagle Harbor and presents a unique opportunity for increasing fish habitat, according to city planners.

“These changes will help address the public’s desires for this important centerpiece park,” said city project manager Kelly Dickson.

Proposed habitat restoration projects include removing invasive plants and a portion of the park’s bulkhead, replacing it with sand and gravel favored by forage fish.

The restructured beach could include a trail connecting to pathways set farther inland from the current route along the bulkhead.

The park’s expanded dock would likely incorporate better access for disabled people and more spots for boats.

The project is funded with a state Recreation and Conservation Office Aquatic Lands Enhancement grant. The city has hired Seattle-based Makers, a design firm specializing in environmentally sensitive projects. Makers will present some of its design drawings at the open house.

The open house begins at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

For more information, see city’s website, www.ci.bainbridge-isl.wa.us, or call (206) 780-3725.