Winslow Way contract withdrawn

Citing delays and indecision on the part of the city, Heery International withdrew its bid to lead the proposed multi-million dollar Winslow Way project.

The construction management company asked the city to call them back once the city makes up its mind.

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Time crunch forces withdraw of Winslow Way contract
By Tristan Baurick

The construction management firm slated to lead a proposed $11.3 million repair of Winslow Way withdrew from its bid this week.

In a letter to the city, Heery International project Manager Michael Romero said repeated contract delays and alterations on the part of the city have made it impossible for the Atlanta-based company to meet the city’s desired work schedule.

“Unfortunately, because of the delays in agreeing to a scope of services…(the project) cannot be completed within the agreed-to time frame and must therefore be withdrawn,” Romero wrote in letter dated May 16. “Further, the repeated delays to the contract demonstrate that the City is uncertain what scope of services is desired from the Winslow Way design team.”

City project Manager Chris Wierzbicki stressed that the project may be delayed, but it’s not dead. He and Heery will likely work together on an amended timeline in the coming weeks.

Aimed at fixing underground utilities and improving surface amenities, the project has been delayed by hesitation on the part of the City Council. Some councilors have expressed concerns about the project’s scope, cost and impact to local businesses.

“Heery’s gotten the point that some of us on the council are trying to make,” said Councilwoman Debbie Vancil. “We’re saying that it’s been so modified that it’s no longer the same project. Why hasn’t the rest of the council gotten that?”

Intended as a “barebones utility project,” the proposal has swelled with thousands of dollars worth of “publicity fluff,” including brochures and public events, she said.

Last week, the council opted to not vote on the contract’s approval, preferring instead to deliberate further and possibly cut public outreach funding.

Councilman Barry Peters, who favors the current contract, said millions of dollars worth of cuts have already been made, and additional debate will stall the project further.

“It’s time to get the community’s work done on its main street,” he said. “This is the city’s highest priority infrastructure repair project and it’s located on a street used by more islanders than any other. We should make good use of the work (already) done and give the community positive results.”

Heery suggested the city contact them again later when city staff and elected officials agree upon a new contract proposal and timeline.

“This is a project we sincerely look forward to seeing completed to the satisfaction of all involved,” Romero wrote in the letter. “Our goal for this project remains the success of the reconstruction of Winslow Way and the continued vibrancy of Bainbridge Island’s living room.”

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    What is the big-spend Gang of Four (Peters/Franz/Snow/Stoknes) going to do now? Are they going to get their own shovels?

    Call to Recall: YouTube: deceit, deception, recall Bainbridge.

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