Police blotter: ‘Nice day’ yeller gets busted


After a cold, dark and wet winter, the last week’s worth of sunny skies have been enough to make anyone want to go to a park and yell out some hallelujahs. But watch the decibels. A Bainbridge man’s sunshine praises didn’t get an amen from the neighbors, nor from the cops called to the scene.

Also this week: a brass knuckle brawl at the library and two mysterious cases in which burglars stole nothing but a shower and a nap.

May 18
Showered: A North Madison Avenue resident called police shortly after 4 p.m. to report that his house had been broken into. No items were reported stolen, but the shower was used, as was a bottle of spilled lotion. The homeowner estimated damages to his door at $600.

May 16
Party bust: Two Bainbridge teenagers were arrested at a Henderson Road house party. Police were called to the residence just before 10:30 p.m. to bust what was a suspected party involving teenagers and alcohol. Upon arrival, police observed several unsupervised youths drinking beer around a backyard fire. One of the teens received a call on his cell phone and immediately issued a statement that caused “all the people in the backyard to fee in all directions,” according to police. Officers detained an inebriated teenage girl who said she lives at the house. She threw the party while her parents were on an overnight trip in Eastern Washington. Police arrested her for drinking alcohol while under the age of 21. An officer ran to the driveway when he heard a vehicle start up and observed that the driver had “difficulty maneuvering. His difficulties caused the car to slide down a slope and collide with a pickup truck. His wheels spun in loose gravel as he attempted to put the car in reverse. After admitting to having consumed alcohol, the the 17-year-old youth was arrested for drunk driving and possession of alcohol while under the age of 21.

May 15
Dog attack: An infant child was bitten on his face by the family dog at a Springwood Avenue home. The child’s right eye was swollen and his face bloody when police arrived. Family members said the dog had “snipped” in the past, but never bit anyone before. The child was transported to a Seattle hospital for treatment.

Yelling with happiness: Police officers were called to Hidden Cove Park to deal with an “out of control male” shortly before 3:30 p.m. Officers found the 36-year-old man yelling, sweating and waving his arms around at the park. The man explained he was yelling “simply because it was a nice day.” Police asked him to celebrate the day more quietly. He agreed, and announced he’d take a walk to his nearby home. No charges.

Slept: A Wing Point Road resident reported that his unlocked guest house had been slept in overnight by an unknown person. The man’s wife had noticed a light on in the guest house and called her husband investigate. He noted that the bed had been slept in and a few cabinets had been opened, but nothing appeared stolen. The family and police searched the rest of the property but found nothing missing or damaged.

May 13
Death: A 36-year-old Bainbridge man was found dead by his girlfriend at their Day Road home shortly after 9:30 a.m. Police arrived on the scene to find Bainbridge fire department personnel comforting the crying woman. Officers found the man at the foot of the home’s stairs, near an exit door. He was wearing pajama bottoms and a backwards sweatshirt. No obvious injuries were noted. An officer felt the hood of the woman’s car and noted it was hot to the touch. Neighbors told police that the couple had lived at the residence a couple weeks and that they often argue loudly at night. A neighbor said one of the fights was physical, but the neighbor elected not to call 911. Police are investigating.

Rambling: A High School Road resident called police after reading a letter from her neighbor and finding two toothpicks by her front door. Police said the letter was “rambling and made no sense.” The letter was documented as evidence, but the toothpicks were not.

Library brawl: Police were called to the Bainbridge library just before 12:30 p.m. after a fight broke between two groups of three young men. Upon arrival, police found three juvenile males in the library parking lot who admitted they’d fought the other group. One of the juveniles was bleeding from a head injury. Members of the group said they’d received harassing phone calls from the other three and agreed to meet them at the library gazebo to “talk.” However, when they arrived, the other group immediately attacked them. The injured youth was reportedly struck with brass knuckles and received three stitches at a medical center. Witnesses said a chain and rock were also used to menace but not strike some of the brawlers. According to one of the youths, a large landscaping rock was thrown at one of the youths’ truck. The rock proved too heavy and missed its target, damaging pavement at the library parking lot. At around 4 p.m., the other group arrived at the police station to “tell their side of the story.” They alleged that members of the first group had left them threatening phone messages and had used racial slurs. One of the youths had a cut near an ear and an eye. Police determined that the conflict largely stemmed from hurt feelings after a member of one group started “hanging out” more with the other. A report was forwarded to the municipal court for possible charges.