BGI earns green biz award


Didja know that Bainbridge has a business school? And wouldn’t you know it, it’s a “green” business school.

Not many people around these parts know about the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, but its national reputation continues to grow. Read on to learn more about latest addition to the school’s trophy case.

Bainbridge Graduate Institute earned a national award for its work fostering environmentally conscious business practices.

BGI, the first graduate school in the U.S. to offer a “green” masters in business administration degree, won the Bavaria Award for Innovation at a recent ceremony in Boston.

Granted by a coalition of ecologically minded investors, the award is named for Joan Bavaira, founder of Trillium investment advisors and the Ceres environmental business group.

The award is aimed at recognizing investors, companies, and non-profit groups that have helped move the focus of capital markets from short-term profits to long-term social and environmental health.

Founded in 2002, Winslow-based BGI has trained hundreds of students to lead large corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations that use sustainable practices as a core strategy.

“BGI’s curriculum is exactly what we need in our business schools today to train the future CEOs, board members, and other corporate leaders for whom sustainability will be a key business challenge and opportunity,” said Ken Sylvester, a Bavaria award judge and New York City’s assistant comptroller for pension policy, which manages over $115 billion in assets.

The award’s other judges included Earth Day founder Denis Hayes and Ray Anderson, a carpet manufacturer and leader in the corporate sustainability movement.