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2 thoughts on “The public’s plea to be nice at public meetings

  1. “The rest of the County looks upon the current troubles of Bainbridge government with great glee”

    In that Bainbridge contributes more than their “fair Share” in tax revenues to Kitsap County than is returned in services and operating revenues, I find that comment to be disengenuous . Following that line of reasoning,Bainbridge did not go far enough in only incorporating as a City. It should have become a county. That way the taxes that are levied here would be used here. The 800 pound gorilla on our doorstep , the Wa State Ferry, could be turned into a revenue source for the Island by creating a Port of Winslow and placing a “landing and departure tax” on each car and rider. This could be augmented by a “Non Resident Parking Surcharge”. The funds could then be used to fix the horrendous traffic problems created by the off-island ferry users who take such glee at the travails of the Island government,contribute nothing to the Island retail community yet place a significant strain on our police and infrastructure that is paid for by Bainbridge islanders.
    The Island is seperated from the rest of the county by a sovereign nation. The traffic backup on 305 is directly attributable to the light that was placed in front of the Casino less than a hundred meters from the Agate Pass bridge whose demise you are so anxiously awaiting. The County and the State had purview over the approval and placement of this light but I seriously doubt,despite a traffic impact study requirement,there was any concern given to the environmental impact on the Island. As for the growth management aspect, this was a rural community. Nowhere in the 25 years that I have lived here do I recall a mandate to “urbanize” Bainbridge, yet it has happened and with it we have had to deal with the very problems that we moved here to escape.
    Our Island government is a problem…but it is our problem and we will solve it.
    Unlike the mthyical Lake Wobegon not everyone on this Island are “above average’ we have some with special needs and we try to address those needs.We don’t have all the right answers but we don’t stop trying to find them. Not all our kids are gifted but they are ours and we go to great lenghts to insure that they are provided with the best educational opportunities and safe environment.
    The Town Meeting was a step in the right direction. It was not the ultimate solution but it gave and will give Islanders a venue to come together and air their concerns in search of solutions.
    That is the difference.
    Rather than just complain we recognize that we have problems and are working to resolve them ourselves. We do not look to Port Orchard or Olympia to solve our problems…we do it in house and are not concerned about airing our problems in public.
    Our island government may not be perfect…it may be be problematic and sometimes cumbersome… but it answers to us and we can change it.

  2. Please run for city council. Someone willing to take responsibility and make meaningful decisions is what this city needs. You got my vote!

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