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2 thoughts on “Is the enemy us?

  1. From the lack of response to Tristan’s post, I conclude that Pogo is not the right poster child for our Zeitgeist. A chant of “I Go Pogo” would probably be no more effective today than the sound of one hand clapping. Maybe we’re all suffering from irony-poor blood.

    But seriously, irony is not enough. I’m in favor of action; that’s why I stand with the group of four who have been dubbed the “new majority” on the Council. Tough talk, tender talk, wishy-washy, wait-and-see: anything can be good, bad, or indifferent, depending on how well it serves the common good.

    If we’re talking, let’s keep the conversation going in the direction of agreement; let’s avoid any kind of talk that diminishes interest in the subject. Tough talk can be lively, or it can be deadly.

    Charles Royer, ex-mayor of Seattle, gave a talk recently about Seattle’s political culture. He raised the question: “How do things get done around here?” One response was, “We know how to chew; we just don’t know how to swallow.” Another was, “The key to getting things done is figuring out how to turn ‘process’ into a verb rather than a noun.” I’d like to see more people on the Council, and more Council-watchers, motivated by that kind of talk.

  2. Jon — I personally don’t stand with the Gang of Four big-spenders. Peter’s new tax (vehicle excise tax) and proposed taxes on water/sewer charges from areas that are not getting new sewers does not serve the good of the many. The tax/spend gang of four have barely tapped the brakes and they speed on to new non-essential schemes and avoidance of core missions.

    Years ago our neighborhood built a sewer (Sewer District #7) with a LID, for which I have been paying handsomely. Why shouldn’t Winslow improvements come from LID?

    Call for recall: YouTube title: deceit, deception, recall Bainbridge

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