Hunting for Democrats on Bainbridge


Knowing that hunting for Democrats on Bainbridge would be like shooting fish in a barrel, Kitsap Sun political reporter Steve Gardner trekked up to the island with notebook in hand. Steve was looking for a local angle to the national drama happening in North Carolina and Indiana. You can read about Steve’s Winslow adventure in a Kitsap Caucus blog post entitled “What was I thinking?,” and then check out his story and a video of the Bainbridge interviews here.

8 thoughts on “Hunting for Democrats on Bainbridge

  1. If you are on a Democrat hunt — try the Mayor’s office or Council chambers or the paid staff at BIAHC, Historical Museum or Senior Center. This is about as difficult as finding sand on the ocean beach. BI is a one-party town. Find any board, commission or Mayor appointed position BI, and you will find the not illusive D.

  2. So much for historical perspectives from the right. Kitsap had a fine two party tradition before the Republicans turned to whining. The late Ellen Craswell beat Democrats from the mid 70s to the early 90s. When she and her puppet master husband lost the governor’s race they embraced a right wing religious party that ultimately helped elect Inslee.

  3. Whining perhaps, but why this torture with one-party rule? Alice, have you checked out the performance of COBI Mayor and Council — dysfunctional to the extreme.

    I am really impressed. Give me the whining back but also give me competence.

    I missed you trying to refute the fact everyone including the dog catcher is a D.

    The chickens have come home to roost as Rev Wright said.

  4. Have I missed a law mandating one party rule? I don’t think so. You’re not a victim, simply outnumbered in this part of the country. Get over it.

  5. Hey, Alice, the proof is in the pudding here on BI and the pudding is rancid. Eat!! Enjoy !! Ka-ching $$$$$$$$$$ . . .

  6. BI candidates don’t run at Dem or Rep, simply neighbors. Our current mayor got herself elected because one opponent was too arrogant to actually run and yours was exposed as a liar at best.

  7. I’m a Democrat, and a supporter of Barack Obama. Am I pleased with the “pudding” we are in now on Bainbridge? Not at all, but affiliations with the Democratic party don’t do much to explain all the action and inaction that we’ve seen in CoBI in recent years.

    I would like to see the Republicans on Bainbridge get together and propose a coherent program for governance and the delivery of essential services that will attract support from a solid majority of Bainbridge citizens. Open contempt for all and sundry Democrats is not a winning strategy.

    Up until our recent election, the City Council included three members, no longer in office, who were widely regarded as “leaning to the right” on some issues, although I believe they voted like Democrats in state and national contests. In my opinion, CoBI was more dysfunctional and fiscally less responsible back then than now.

  8. Allice A. is in wonderland. The island politics are a Dem as any we will see west of McDermott’s domain. Stop trying to dodge the point: all officials in office are D or D-equvalent.

    And Jon, yes, the R should have a policy but due to certain realities (see above discussion about everyone including the dog cathcer being D), the tactic is to call for more efficiency/truth/openess in our local government.

    Not sure Scales, Llellewyn or Tooloee had any R leanings. They may have seen the importance of fiscal restraint and importance of running government with certain qualities, but they were not Rs. Scales worked for Schell and now works for Nichols in Seattle.

    The entire goverment on BI is one gigantic inbreeding one-party mess.

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