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3 thoughts on “Memorial bill headed to Oval Office

  1. Regarding the cropped photo accompanying the article, this is of Tule Lake Segregation Center, and the women pictured are being transported to the Department of Justice Internment camp at Crystal City, Texas because they have voluntarily renounced their American citizenship and wish to be repatriated back to Japan.

    Tule Lake Segregation Center housed Japanese and Japanese Americans whose loyalty was with Japan.

    Tule Lake Segregation Center and the real Deptarment of Justice Internment Camps, such as Crystal City, Texas used the fencing as shown in this photo.

    The Relocation Centers such as Manzanar and Minidoka did not use this type of fencing. Relocation Centers primarily used three strand cattle wire as perimeter fencing that was routinely crossed.

    The exception could have been the fencing located at the front gate entrance to the centers.

    Could it be this photo was used to illicit an emotional knee-jerk reaction from Kitsap Sun readers with only a passive knowledge of this history?

    Did the Sun know anything about the photo before using it?

    It’s amazing what a little historical context can do.

    Here’s a link to an uncropped picture of the same photo.


  2. Rep. Inslee used the dicredited earmark sneak tactic to get this bill in the bundle of bills.
    Encouarage him to also amend the legislation to show that Japanese/Japanese Americans had spies for Japan in their midst.Including Kitsap County.The radio transmission decoding system,MAGIC,was top secret.Rather than reveal the intercept capacity it was decided all people of Japanese ancestry must be relocated.This is also a part of the relocation story that is covered up by history revisionists and their sycophants like Inslee.

  3. Resubmitted comments:

    Actually the issue with the photo is a great metaphor for the entire problem with the internment memorial. The Sun appears to have chosen to use an extract an extract, a detail of the entire photograph. While I am not sure what motives, if any, the Sun had for using the smaller picture. It further appears to me someone could use the extract, the detail, for reasons to paint an emotion. This is exactly what I believe the supporters of the memorial have done, pulled off part of the history and represent the part as the whole. For the memorial, this is ridiculous history and it undercuts whatever aguement they make for healing.

    Thanks Kitsap Sun for the great metaphor of how this story is so poorly handled by the press and supporters. Now as always this is my opinion. Freedom of opinion and speech is important in the newspapers and in our discussion. Do you agree Bainbridge Islander?

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