Police blotter: Dad calls cops on studious son


This week, a frustrated Bainbridge dad calls the police after his 12-year-old boy refuses to move his homework project. The boy attempts to bargain with police for better sleeping quarters in case the juvie bunks aren’t up to par.

An indestructible deer and a less-than-indestructible drunken cyclist also grace the blotter page. Read on….

April 26
Bruised: A juvenile male’s arm was bruised when a middle-aged man grabbed him and demanded he clean up a puddle of spilled hot chocolate onboard a state ferry just before it docked in Winslow. The juvenile, a Bremerton resident, was riding the Puyallup ferry with friends when he dropped a cup of hot chocolate on the main passenger deck. A man described as 40 to 50 years old, balding and wearing a gray lacrosse sweatshirt quickly grabbed the boy’s left arm and demanded he clean the mess up. The man stood over the boy until mess was cleaned. They boy showed police a small bruise and some redness on his arm. The man could not be located.

Hit: A Poulsbo woman driving a Saturn car struck a deer on State Route 305 near Reitan Road just before 10 p.m. The deer impacted against the car’s hood, was flung onto the roof and broke out the rear window before running off.

April 25
Assault: A daughter put her mother in a headlock, scratched her face, broke her glasses and stole her money at the Chevron gas station on Hildebrand Lane shortly after 7:30 p.m. Earlier in the day, the mother had returned from a trip to her Silverdale home to find her 29-year-old daughter sitting on the porch. The daughter was angry that her mother had returned early and ordered her to leave. The mother countered that her daughter was supposed to be in rehab for drug abuse. The mother found her home ransacked with many items stolen. The daughter demanded a ride to the Bainbridge ferry so she could to to Seattle. The mother agreed, hoping to get her daughter away from her house. When they stopped for gas at the gas station, the daughter demanded money from her mother. The mother saw that her daughter was wearing one of her heirloom rings and asked her to give it back . The daughter refused but offered to trade the ring for money. The mother paid her $60 cash. Wanting more money, the daughter snatched her mother’s purse. The two tugged at the purse until the daughter put her mother in a headlock, scratched her and smashed her $800 glasses. During the tussle, which lasted for over five minutes, the mother yelled for help and honked her horn while numerous bystanders watched but opted not to intervene. The daughter walked away, presumably to catch a ferry.

April 24
Disobeyed: A father called police to his Tolo Road house to report that his 12-year-old son would not obey him. The son had reportedly been cutting paper for a school project and refused to move his project. The boy told police he did not want to move his project, asked to hear “alternative” proposals to moving his project, asked for a written contract and “lobbied to bring his own bed if he was placed” in a juvenile detention facility, according to police. Police explained to the boy that he had an obligation to obey his father. The boy agreed and discussed with police “some possible coping measures to alleviate his frustration and foster more effective communication with his father.”

April 22
Hit: A Bainbridge woman driving a Toyota Corolla failed to yield to a bicylist while she entered a southbound Madison Avenue bicycle lane from a parking lot. The cyclist, a Bainbridge resident, hit the car, rolled over the hood and landed in the roadway. Police did not disclose his injuries. The car driver was cited for failing to yield.

Assault: A woman was arrested for assault, resisting arrest and threatening an officer shortly after midnight at a home on Madison Avenue. The woman and another female had an argument earlier in the night about whether to go out or stay in and eat sandwiches. The pair carried their argument to a Parfitt Way pub and continued into the car as they drove away. They parted ways but one of the woman came to the other’s apartment and demanded her possessions back. One of the women cut the other’s neck with a fingernail during another argument. The suspect denied having cut the other, noting that the victim often cuts herself and had carved the suspect’s name into her legs, according to police. The suspect attempted to break free when police handcuffed her and became verbally abusive toward them. She later “reared up” to avoid being placed in a patrol car. An officer pinned her upper body against the car’s hood. At which point, the suspect yelled “you better hope I don’t find out where you live you (expletive).” The officer asked the suspect if she was threatening him. “You’re goddamn right I am,” she responded.

April 21
Drugged and victimized: The grown children of an elderly Bainbridge woman called police to report that her caregiver had made unauthorized purchases with the woman’s money and had given her an overdose of codeine cough syrup. According to family members, the caregiver had stolen $1,200 worth of the woman’s money and had administered the consumption of cough syrup at three times the recommended dosage.

Drunken cycling: A man called police to report that his wife was intoxicated and riding a bicycle to Winslow to buy alcohol shortly after 4 p.m. Police found the woman in front of the Safeway store with a large laceration above her left eye. The woman said the laceration was due to an accident while riding the bicycle. The woman was treated by an aid unit and advised to go to a hospital. The woman refused and was transported home. The husband called again to report that his wife had fallen twice and was acting delusional. Police found the woman on her bathroom floor. Police called her by name, to which she responded “yes, mommy.” According to an officer, the woman also “advised me she was in a cloud and wanted me to join her because it so beautiful.” She was transported to Harborview Hospital in Seattle for treatment.