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2 thoughts on “Winslow Way ‘switcheroo’

  1. After the recent attempt to hide the bacon by the Mayor it is becoming more obvious that the voters should be considering recalling the illustrious Mayor vs. just hinting at the idea as was the case at the Council meeting. We can now see beyond any shadow of a doubt the mismanagement, poor leadership, mis-spending, and more that has gone on under her lack of watch all these years. The herd seems to be gathering and besides the obvious change in Governmental form that hopefully will ocurr, a recall might just be the ticket to clean up, once and for all, the huge mess that she has dumped on the doorstep of the Community.

    To rub salt in the would, one of our illustrious Councilmen wants to add an automobile excise tax to make up for the mis-spent revenus and the decline of incoming monies. A big pushbroom is all we need to rid Gov’t of these two.

  2. Read the companion investigative pieces on the subject of Winslow Never/Streetscape/Reconstruction/ COBI meltdown on Paulson’s Notebook blog and Bainbridge PostScript http://www.bainbridgepostscript.blogspot.com. There is a wealth of information on the flim flam going on. Bainbridge Conversation is a valuable part of the blog network looking where the island paper of record — The Review — apparently will not look.

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