Police blotter: House hunter ready to “kill”


The housing market is getting tough. As proof, a Massachusetts man last week decided to put a garden tool, military training and murderous threats to use as he toured a Miller Road charmer late one night. Too bad the house had a sleeping occupant. What’s a disappointed house hunter to do? Take a nap in the woods, or course. And then a jog.

Also this week, dog rustlers nab a pit-bull, a lawyer gets legal advice from police to help out his drunken son, and a tipsy teen can’t talk, but boy can he spit. Read on….

April 6
Spitting drunk: Officers chased an injured and intoxicated 15-year-old male from the Safeway parking lot to a gas station on State Route 305, where they apprehended him. Police were initially called to Safeway by a complainant who said the boy was drunk and bleeding from his chin. Officers arrived at the scene just as the boy ran from the store with its manager in pursuit. Once apprehended, the boy did not respond to questions and simply “swayed his head to and fro” and repeatedly spit, hitting a patrol car at least once, police said. The boy was placed in an ambulance to treat his injuries and high level of intoxication. Inside, the boy continued to spit despite repeated requests by an aid crew to stop. The aid crew was transported to Harrison Hostpital in Bremerton.

April 5
Fraud: A Lynwood Center Road resident called police to report that her debit card had been used by an unknown person to purchase over $2,000 worth of items in Federal Way and Renton.

Vandalized: An employee of Meadowmeer Golf & Country Club called 911 to report the extensive damage to golf course greens and fairways. The damage, estimated at $2,500, appeared to have been caused by an all-terrain vehicle.

Drunk driving: A driver was arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, consuming alcohol under the age of 21 and possession of drugs without a prescription. His passenger was arrested for consuming alcohol under the age of 21. Police initially noticed the driver make a dangerous and illegal pass of another vehicle near High School Road’s intersection with State Route 305. Once pulled over, the driver “played dumb, and suggested that perhaps he hadn’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign,” an officer said. The driver’s intermediate license specified he is not permitted to drive between 1 and 5 a.m. The told police he was 16 years old. The driver was “giddy” and unable to find his vehicle registration or insurance card. He admitted to having consumed “a few beers” and that his passenger had also been drinking. Prescription pill bottles containing marijuana and crushed pills were found in the driver’s pockets, as was a marijuana pipe. A search of the vehicle turned up empty and full 40 oz. bottles of malt liquor. The driver indicated that his father was an attorney and that he wished to speak to him. When the father arrived, he identified himself as an attorney but asked police for “suggestions and about what attorneys tell their clients,” police said. An officer told the father he couldn’t give legal advice, “but that in my experience, the attorneys generally recommend that the person not answer any questions, but agree to provide breath samples.” The father nodded his head, indicating agreement with police. The driver, who had been making loud flatulent noises in the holding cell, was released to his father, who advised him not to answer any questions.

April 4
Death: An 89-year-old female reportedly died of natural causes while sleeping at a Madison Avenue care facility. The woman had been suffering from stomach pains.

Intruder: A woman awoke in her Miller Road home to find a man in her bedroom waving a garden tool and demanding proof she lived there. The woman fled to a neighbor’s home with the man following her. The man headed for the nearby woods as police were called. Police searched the area for the man, finally finding him running west on Battle Point Drive. Police arrested the man for burglary at gunpoint. As an officer applied handcuffs, the man, who had a scabbed cut on his forehead and broken eyeglasses, told police he saw a “for sale” sign outside the woman’s house. “He looked at the outside, and liked it,” an officer reported. The man, a Massachusetts resident, presumed the house vacant and entered through a side door. He grabbed a garden tool and “announced he was armed and would kill anyone who didn’t make their presence known,” police said. He noted to police that he had been trained by a U.S. Marine and used his skills to methodically “clear” the house. He found the woman sleeping in her bedroom and ordered her to show him identification. She refused and said she was going to her grand children’s house next door. At first, the man accompanied her but realized he had “overstepped his bounds.” He went into the woods and took a nap before his run along Battle Point Drive. He was transported to the county jail.

April 3
Pot: Three teenagers were caught spoking pot in a vehicle parked on Shepard Way shortly before 9 p.m. The vehicle, which was visibly full of smoke to a patrolling officer, began to billow smoke when the teens opened their window. All three were arrested for possessing pot and one had an additional charge for possessing drug paraphernalia.

April 2
Attempted burglary: A Tolo Road resident reported that a man wearing a ski mask tried to enter his home just before 10 p.m. As the burglar turned a door knob, the resident’s dogs began barking and scared him away. The resident saw the burglar flee on foot.

April 1
Dog theft: A West Port Madison Road resident reported that his pit-bull had been stolen from his home. The dog was described as “red” and about 100 lbs, and is valued at $550. A neighbor said she saw a 5’6 female with brown hair take the dog and drive away in a silver vehicle at a high rate of speed. The owner posted a notice on the Internet and was contacted by a Gig Harbor man who saw the dog wander through his yard. The dog was recovered by the owner in Gig Harbor.