LA Times: Ferries get ‘corporate injection’


They came all the way from Los Angeles to report on the new ads plastered over state ferry walls, doors, floors and tabletops.

“Starting this year, the Washington state ferry system is injecting a decidedly corporate element to its floating armada: advertising — boatloads of it,” reports the L.A. Times today.

Read the Times story here.

One thought on “LA Times: Ferries get ‘corporate injection’

  1. I’m happy to see the Ferry System bringing in some cash without raising commuter fares, and I am personally not offended by the ads. I just wish that the legislature would wake up to the fact that the ferries, the Pike Place Market sign and the Space Needle are the brand images that make everyone in the world think of Washington state. When tourists visit Seattle, they want to visit all three. We could do a lot more to make the ferries tourist friendly and I’m not sure that floor to ceiling advertising images helps.

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