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5 thoughts on “City revenues take a dive

  1. Is sales tax revenue coming in at a figure that is less than projected for the budget, or less than for this same period last year?

    “…which saw unexpected plummets in sales tax, real estate [excise?] taxes and building and development service revenues, which includes permit fees.”

    I looked at the state Dep’t of Revenue web page and found that they are reporting an increase in sales tax distributions to Bainbridge Island. Last year’s first quarter distribution was $736,293.78. This year’s first quarter distribution is $757,596.53.

    It looks like an increase of 2.89 percent in local sales tax revenue distributed to the city, comparing last year to this year.

    Am I misunderstanding the article, the DOR numbers, or what?

  2. Raise taxes-that seems to be the answer to all woes. How about cutting the headcount and its associated benefits back to that of other City’s our size to save monies and offset any losses. The people of this State have tried over and over again with initiatives to tell the politicians NO NEW TAXES. Message apparently hasn’t been received by some on the Council.

  3. Get Real Determined. The issue isn’t No New Taxes and your attempts to impose bad Calif. law on WA residents have been pathetic.

    The issue on the table is the total lack of mayoral and administrative competence, accountancy and transparent process.

  4. Agree 100% that the issue is the lack of Mayoral leadership and ability-My tax issue is that the answer as proposed by at least one Council person is to raise a new tax, a City Automobile excise tax. NO new taxes-how about bringing our City headcount in line, prioritization, and zero base budgeting?

  5. Whenever I read an article about our COBI government, I wonder who/why anyone has voted for our mayor. She must have supporters, but who are they? What are they thinking? Do we really have to change our form of government to get rid of her?

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