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Welcome to the New Blog

We’re excited to launch our third sports blog on

This blog promises to track all those who have left West Sound and are still plugging along in their respective sports.

Interested to read about how Willie Bloomquist is doing in Kansas City? We’ll tell you. What’s new with Marvin Williams in Atlanta? We’ll find out. How’s Troy Kelly doing as a rookie on the PGA Tour? We’re anxious to find out, too. How’s that bobsled thing going for Bree Schaaf? Come back here and find out.

We’ll be talking with the sports stars that got their start in Bremerton and Poulsbo and Port Orchard and so on. We’ll let you know what they have to say. We’ll also be combing out-of-town media to let you get the latest.

We’re mostly focusing on pro and top-level amateur sports on this space. Because of the massive amounts of college athletes from here, it’s going to be a bit much to keep track of here. But, we reserve the right to add some updates of our college stars as we see fit. For example, if this blog was live when Jacob Beitinger, a South Kitsap product, was named a preseason All-American, you would have read about it here.

We hope to update this nearly daily. Well, as long as their is something to report, anyway.
So visit often and we’ll let you know how that star baseball player who was on your son’s little league team is doing now.