Atlanta columnist argues that Marvin should go to the bench

Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is of the belief that the Atlanta Hawks would be better of if Bremerton’s Marvin Williams was moved to the bench.

“And it’s not that Marvin isn’t capable of making an imprint on games; it’s just that, for 5 1/2 puzzling seasons, he has been content to do the minimum,” writes Bradley.

Read the full post here.

Here’s another column saying that while Marvin is a solid player, a “glue” guy, trading him could put the Hawks over the top.

One thought on “Atlanta columnist argues that Marvin should go to the bench

  1. I wonder if it would’ve made any difference if Marvin had finished his schooling at NC? Perhaps at least he would have come away with a degree, and something to help him to be better prepared for life after basketball…. just sayin

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