Wedge Won’t Return as Pumas Coach

A bit of surprising news today out of the Kitsap Soccer Club….

John Wedge will not be returning to the sidelines next year as head coach of the Kitsap Pumas.
The club issued a release Tuesday night indicating that Wedge’s contract would not be renewed.
Wedge sent an e-mail to his players following the team’s quarterfinal loss to Ventura County on July 31 indicating wouldn’t be back.
“From the tone, he was surprised and obviously disappointed,” reserve goalkeeper Liviu Bird said.
Midfielder Leon Abravanel said the email was unexpected.
“It was a very crazy time for it to happen,” Abravanel said. “The season just ended.”
Starting goalkeeper Dustyn Brim didn’t learn of Wedge’s exit until last night.
“John was a fantastic coach,” Brim said. “That’s all I can say about it.”
Messages left on Wedge’s cell phone were not returned Tuesday. The release from the club did not say why Wedge would not be returning.
Hired by the first-year club in February, Wedge led the Pumas to a 13-2-3 record. Before joining Kitsap, he served as the director of the Bainbridge Island Soccer Academy and regional director for the Washington State Youth Soccer Association.

I’ll have a more substantial story ready for Thursday’s paper…

—Jeff Graham

One thought on “Wedge Won’t Return as Pumas Coach

  1. Can someone explain why the soccer complex is for sale? The owner insisted no one would attend games unless he could sell beer. He was granted permission. Bremerton city council passed the exception to a liquor ban in our parks.

    Well. Great. Now we’ve got open carry gun beer drinkers in the city parks… the really great place for kids to play.

    Why and how does that permission extend to the new owners?

    The beer selling attraction is stressed in the real estate For Sale blurb. I thought the permit was granted to the owner to help his soccer business succeed, not be used as a carrot to the sale ending with money in his pocket.

    Did the city permit the park sale of beer without restriction?

    Sharon O’Hara

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