3 thoughts on “Wee Willie Criticism Still Out There

  1. How can he say that KC will pay the price for what they are paying Willie? Look what the Mariners are paying Beltre. Are they gong to pay a price for this? Willie is doing more for KC then Beltre is doing for the Mariners.

  2. Play Willie 70-80% of the time at all the positions that he is more than capable of handling and he is “golden”. Just don’t start him every day at one set position, this has proven out over his whole career. This is how the Royals are utilizing his talents to the fullest, they analyzed his history and decided they could use his skills.He certainly won’t stay at .370-380 range but he is very capable of a .300 season average if played as stated above. Remember a guy named Mark Mclemore & how skillfully Lou Pinella utilized him?

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