Ellison Won’t Be on Phillies’ 25-Man Roster

Philadelphia announced today (Monday) that South Kitsap grad Jason Ellison won’t start the season on the Phillies’ 25-man roster. He hasn’t been optioned to the minors just yet. They’re keeping him with the big club through the end of the week.

Sounds like they like Ellison, and there’s been speculatation that Philly is trying to dump Geoff Jenkins’ salary or trade Matt Stairs. If they do, Ellison could still wind up as the fifth outfielder. Of course, that’s all speculation, but I hope it works out for Ellison. He’s done the minors to majors to minors to majors to minors thing for a while now. He’s a great clubhouse guy and the ideal backup outfielder for a club like the defending World Series champions, who need a speedy, defensive reserve with a right-handed bat.

— Chuck Stark

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