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Talking with Miles Kurosky

Someone e-mailed me this video for Dog in the Burning Building – by this musician named Miles Kurosky. I loved the music and creativity that came with the mixed media animation so much that I decided that I had to get in touch with this guy and talk about it. So I did, click here to listen to the interview on the podcast. (Also on itunes) And by doing so I learned he used to be the frontman for  the band Beulah, (still not sure how to pronounce it). I’ve since listened to Beulah but prefer the music Miles is currently making now. His sound is definitely his own in the recently released “Desert Of Shallow Effects” but also echoing similarities with Elliot Smith, Bright Eyes, Eels, Spoon, and Rivers Cuomo to name a few. For a debut solo album, its very solid with smooth changes and diverse sounds that work well with each other. I definitely recommend it and look forward to hearing it live at the Tractor Tavern on April 10th.

Check out Miles’ list of favorite movies from the 70’s.

Listen to the interview on The Weekly Diversion.