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What’s the deal with Japan’s need to kill all the water dwelling mammals?

Lately I have been watching a lot of (for lack of a better word)”big topic” documentaries, “Food Inc.” “No Impact Man“, “King Corn“, and most recently “The Cove.” Surprisingly enough they deal with similar topics and themes: cover ups, food, and a great deal of deliberation on ethics to list a few.

The Cove, similar to the Discovery reality show “Whale Wars,”The Cove sheds light on Japans need to pick on a and slaughter another intelligent water dwelling mammals. The Mammal? Dolphins. You know Flipper. The Doc is even lead by activist Richard O’Barry, flippers trainer. Whale Wars sheds light on the slaughter of whales, The Cove shows us the slaughter of dolphins, what’s next Japan? Unicorns? Is nothing sacred?

I recommend this film to any and everyone, a bit of a warning though, what you see is very gruesome, not for the faint of heart. But that’s the point right? This was not the best documentary I have ever seen, but the topic was very important and informative and for that I give it an easy 4 stars out of five. This film should be mandatory high school viewing.

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