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Is HBO Headed Back to “Making Water … Cooler” status?

About six years ago, HBO ran advertisements playing off the riff that great television shows make for great watercooler talk. The commercial capitalized on what was inspiring the love, a thanks for the “intelligent dialogue” and “intricately constructed plotlines.” At the time, “Sopranos” was hitting a high note, “Six Feet Under” introduced the humor in the death industry, “The Wire” was two years in to examining the seedy side of Baltimore and “Deadwood” was about to reintroduce co#@!%*~r (and a string of other cursewords) to the television lexicon, and the cable channel was on top of the television drama world.

But once the aforementioned series ended, HBO drama fell into a slight decline. Sure, they’ve had a few hits, some like “Rome” and “Carnival.” “True Blood” has drawn viewers enamored with anything vampire and the solidly written “Big Love” has brought polygamy to the masses. But top of the world isn’t quite where HBO has been perched as other cable channels also found that good writing and acting really can draw viewers. HBO was no longer consuming my television time and I wondered: what ever happened to the writers for “The Sopranos” and “The Wire”?

But this weekend, as I watched the first part of the miniseries “The Pacific” (a follow-up to “Band of Brothers,” or more accurately watched the trailers for future HBO series, I got my answer. I literally squealed.

This fall, “Boardwalk Empire” brings back writers Terence Winter and Steve Kornacki of “Sopranos” fame. The show’s pilot is directed by Martin Scorcese, who apparently will have some creative hand in future episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The series is set in Atlantic City during the Prohibition era. Here’s the trailer, which doesn’t offer much info, but it’s got a lot of guns, alcohol and Steve Buscemi:

Coming even sooner (in April) is “Treme“, a series following several fictional musicians in post-Katrina New Orleans. “Wire” writer David Simon and consulting producer Eric Overmyer are part of this project. Here’s the even less enlightening (but pretty) trailer: