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Chris Evans will be Captain America

I know, I might be the only one that cares about this, but when it comes to comic book movies, I’d rather they get it right this time, since this their second attempt at Cap (the made one in 1990). Chris Evans will be lacing up the stars and stripes as Steve Rogers, American Super Soldier. Evans, might be most commonly know for is role as the Human Torch, the snarky comic relief in the Fantastic Four movies.

Captain America is the leader of the super-hero team  known as the Avengers. Which they will be making a movie combining almost all the marvel super hero movies from the past few years. Robert Downey as Iron Man, Edward Norton as Hulk, Chris Hemsworth as Thor… you get the idea.

The film will be Directed by Joe Johnston, who just directed The Wolfman, but might be more well known for Hidalgo and Jumanji and Rocketeer. The guys that wrote the screenplays for the Chronicles of Narnia movies will write the Cap script. I recently heard that there is a song and dance number in the film, have we not learned anything from spider-man 3?

Marvel is really testing my patience, do they really think that I am going to believe for one second that Chris Evans is going to be giving orders to such hollywood alumni a Downey and Norton? That’s crazysauce. And if Chris does happen to pull it off it would be nothing short of Oscar worthy. But to be fair Chris’ performances in the movies London, and Push, were pretty good, and way more straight forward than i’ve seen so far. So that gives me some hope. But if I see him look toward the camera, turn a cocked grin and shrug his shoulders before a fight scene, Im flipping out of here.

My choice for cap? If I had it my way, Aaron Eckhart. You know that insanely well spoken cleft chined guy from Thank You For Smoking and The Dark Knight. He has the all american look down, he can deliver his lines better than most in hollywood. Just watch him in Thank you for Smoking, if he will sell you on cigarettes, he can sell you on America. Plus him leading Downey and Norton would make a whole lot more sense, age and acting wise.
My on deck player would be Jon Hamm. Thats right Don Draper. He has the 40s style down and again he has the all American look to him, he’s the ideal everyday man, which Americas super-hero needs. Not sure if we will find that in a young actor.

Well that’s my rant on the subject, in all I really hope all the best for Chris Evans in his performance. After all I do want to watch a good movie.