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Talking with Miles Kurosky

Someone e-mailed me this video for Dog in the Burning Building – by this musician named Miles Kurosky. I loved the music and creativity that came with the mixed media animation so much that I decided that I had to get in touch with this guy and talk about it. So I did, click here to listen to the interview on the podcast. (Also on itunes) And by doing so I learned he used to be the frontman for  the band Beulah, (still not sure how to pronounce it). I’ve since listened to Beulah but prefer the music Miles is currently making now. His sound is definitely his own in the recently released “Desert Of Shallow Effects” but also echoing similarities with Elliot Smith, Bright Eyes, Eels, Spoon, and Rivers Cuomo to name a few. For a debut solo album, its very solid with smooth changes and diverse sounds that work well with each other. I definitely recommend it and look forward to hearing it live at the Tractor Tavern on April 10th.

Check out Miles’ list of favorite movies from the 70’s.

Listen to the interview on The Weekly Diversion.

My Sasquatch Top Ten

Barry’s top 10 Bands to see.


Definitely one of my favorite bands out there right now. Not particularly because of their debut album Oracular Spectacular (which sounds like a Terry Gilliam movie tittle btw) but because of their Time ti Pretend EP that I bought later. Uber lo-fi power pop, that at times reminds me of the old school innovators the Silver Apples. I havent been able to catch these guys live yet and if you check their website, they dont have many future dates posted, so catch them while you can.

Download Destrokk from – Time To Pretend EP

Band of Horses

These Seattle locals sound beautiful on record and live, caught them last year at bumbershoot and they were an experience that was only enhanced by the evenings sunset. I want these guys to play Funeral at my funeral.

Download – No One’s Gonna Love You


Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Former Ima Robot Singer trades in the synths for psychedelics and storytelling. “After breaking up with his girlfriend, moving out of his house, and joining Alcoholics Anonymous, Ebert began work on a story about a messianic figure named Edward Sharpe. According to Ebert, Sharpe “was sent down to Earth to kinda heal and save mankind…but he kept getting distracted by girls and falling in love.” Its quirky and fun and the bantering back in forth between Alex Ebert and Jade Castrinos. Easily one of the best debut albums to come out in a while.

Download some of their songs free>

Broken Social Scene

Fell in love with this band after seeing the movie Half Nelson. These guys are not afraid to fail and their songs succeed because of it.  They also have this great video where they bought the crowd a drink for “Luck Ones” video.


Awseome hipster non black dudes rapping and spouting rad poetry that tend to lean toward the obscure and sometimes vulgar.
Nuff said.
I recommend :The Hollows>





Powerpop drum heavy dance group from the northwest. Catchy and kinda ridiculous, but you’ll be humming the tunes in your head for days.

Download some of their tunes>

Miike Snow

These guys know how to write hit pop songs. Some of these guys have produced and written songs with “Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Kelis and won a Grammy for Best dance recording for the track “Toxic” by Britney Spears” Fun synth heavy and ready to make you get your freak on. Seeing them live, you will most definitely spill your drink in their dance pit.

Download some of their tunes>

Passion Pit

Saw these guys at last years Sasquitch. The mix was horrible and at the time I hadn’t heard their music, since then I gave them a chance and bought their tunes. Catchy rad powerpop music. I just hope they sound good live this time around.

Download some of their tunes>


Fresh Espresso

Seattles own powerpop/hiphop group. Composer/producer P Smoov  of Mad Rad with MC Rik Rude.

Check out the Diamond pistols remix by local boys The File Jerks>




Past Lives

Seattle boys featuring ex Blood Brothers: Jordan Blilie, Morgan Henderson and Mark Gajadhar. Always a great show, just bought their new record on vinyl, I recommend you do as well.

Check out their tunes>

Cave Singers Grace Lil’ Ol’ Bremerton

The Hi-Fidelity Lounge in Bremerton packed a Wednesday night house with Seattle’s Cave Singers and The Dutchess and the Duke. It was an intimate stop on a statewide tour that will also bring the indie folk bands to The Showbox March 6 to a decidedly larger crowd than the full-capacity 68 who were at Hi-Fidelity.

There was dancing, singing and some picture-taking by yours truly. Click on the photo below to see more from the show. The Seattle Weekly even made it out and wrote it up for their music blog.

– Angela