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Amusing Monday: winning wildlife photos

I’m always pleased to present the winners of “National Wildlife” magazine’s annual photo contest. This year’s winning photos seem better than ever.

The magazine’s editors say they continue to be surprised by the quality of the entries — which reached 28,000 in the 2012 contest. And they were pleased to see expected and unexpected animal behaviors shown in the images.

To view the top winners and the stories behind the photos, go to the page “2012 Photo Contest Winners” on the National Wildlife Federation’s website.

The photo of the leopard seal and the baby penguin captures a moment after the seal ambushes the bird and starts playing with his food. The photographer, Amos Nachoum of San Francisco, had to hang out patiently under water to catch this and similar images.

The photo of sockeye salmon was captured when photographer David Hall of Woodstock, N.Y., tried to escape the swift current by taking refuge near a tree trunk. The stream is the Adams River of British Columbia.

Amusing Monday: Natural images to inspire at Burke

With nature photographs ranging from the familiar to the exotic, Seattle’s Burke Museum is preparing to open a new exhibit featuring the winners of the 2012 International Conservation Photography Awards.

Todd Mintz won an honorable mention in 2010 for this underwater photo he calls “Room with a View.” Taken in Bonaire National Marine Park in the Netherlands, the photo shows two Yellownose gobies looking out from an opening in a coral head. “With the flower-like appearance of the red tubeworm, I set to the challenge of getting all three subjects on a common focal plane,” Mintz explains.

Everyone is invited to the opening day of the exhibit on Saturday, when the winners will be revealed. Four of the winning photographers will talk about their techniques and passions for nature photography. Judges who selected the winners will offer tours of the exhibit. Review the schedule.

The biennial competition was initiated in 1997 by well-known nature photographer Art Wolfe, the Seattle native whose stunning compositions are often compared to fine paintings.

This year, the exhibit will include about 75 photographs taken by various amateur and professional photographers from throughout the world. More than 1,500 images were submitted for the competition.

From the Burke Museum’s website:

“Capturing beautiful moments in the natural world, the photos connect us to the tiniest of creatures and enormous environmental changes. The competition and its award-winning photos inspire, educate, and encourage us all to consider our impacts on the world’s natural resources.”

Check out the online gallery of winning photos from the 2010 ICP Awards.

See also ICP Awards website and the Burke Museum’s preview page.