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Amusing Monday: There’s something about cats and water

April 27th, 2009 by cdunagan

I spotted an amusing video about a cat having fun running up a family’s water bill, so I decided to share that with you.

There’s something about cats and water. I’ve noticed before that cat owners find it extremely amusing when their cats play in water. They rush to get their video cameras and upload the family cat’s antics to YouTube.

In one video, a cat plays in a stream of water. You hear a voice on the video ask, “Have you ever seen a cat do this?!!” I want to tell the woman there are dozens of videos like that on YouTube.

I’ve added a video of a cat with a water cooler, with a final video billed as: “Probably the funniest cat video you’ll ever see.” It’s kind of hard to argue with that assessment.


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2 Responses to “Amusing Monday: There’s something about cats and water”

  1. Jaycatt Says:

    It’s so common, there’s even a song about it:

  2. Theophrastus Says:

    So, uh…/really/ slow news day, uh?

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