Our New Comments and Conversation Features

The new Kitsapsun.com will allow readers more ways to comment on stories, and keep in touch. Among our new features are:

  • Hide or show the comments that appear after each story
  • Reply directly to someone’s comment
  • Identify comments made by Kitsap Sun staff members
  • Use — or turn off — a feature that allows readers to write messages to each other directly

How to Hide or Show Comments After Stories

We know some of you like story comments more than others. Now you’ll have a choice to see them below the stories, or not.

When you reach the end of a story, you’ll see a box listed “Comments”.

On the right side of the Comments box, click “Show” or “Hide”, depending on your preference.


If you choose to hide comments, you will see the Comments box, the number of comments, and the option to click “Show” to see them again.

When you’re logged in to your Kitsap Sun profile, comments will be visible or hidden on every story, based on your selection of “Show” or “Hide”. You can change back at any time.

Replying To A Comment

Our new site will allow you to reply directly to any comment in a story. Your response will include a quotation of the comment you reply to, and a link to the user who made the comment. Your reply will appear below the quoted text.

To reply to a comment, click the “Reply to this post” link, which is next to the comment you’re replying to.

Here’s how it will look:

Picture 8

Identifying Comments From Kitsap Sun Staff Members

Reporters and editors are trying to be more proactive in engaging in the discussions that follow our stories. With our new site, it will be easier to identify comments made by Kitsap Sun staff members.

When one of us makes a comment, you will see the word STAFF in red letters after the staff member’s name.

Here’s an example from Web Editor Angela Dice:

Picture 9

How to Send a Private Message, or Turn the Feature Off

A lot of our readers clearly love debating one another in our comments. But sometimes you might want to respond privately to a comment, without everyone else seeing it. Now, we’ve brought back and modified an old feature that gives you the opportunity to send a direct message to another Kitsap Sun user. Your profile may have this function turned ON.

If you don’t want to receive messages from Kitsapsun.com readers, here’s how to turn it off (or on).

First, log in with your Kitsapsun.com information. When you’re logged in, near the upper left corner, click “Manage Account.”

Picture 12

Near the bottom of the page deselect the box  “Allow direct messages to me from other users.” Click “Next”, then click “Save”

Picture 10

If you choose to keep the function, here’s how to send a message.

To send a message to someone, you would click on their screen name, and select “Contact (screen name)”

Picture 14

You’ll be taken to a message dialog box, where you can write your message.

Picture 16

After you click “Send message”, the recipient will get an e-mail from the Kitsap Sun with the message. Neither party will see the others’ e-mail address, but you will see each others’ screen names. Your total number of messages is indicated by this icon, in the upper left of the Web site.

Picture 11

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  1. Hi Why have you decided not to show/allow comments in your new mobile view? I loved the old low graphics version, now it takes longer to load and I cannot participate in (or even read) the comments. Please reconsider this new format for the mobile view as the comments were an integral part of the mobile reading experience.


  2. Thanks for letting us know. We had written some script with the old site to allow that. We’ll definitely look into it and can hopefully get it working soon.

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