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Bremerton YMCA wins Fall Fest in Hoquiam

October 19th, 2013 by Annette Griffus

The Bremerton YMCA Swim Team participated in the Fall Fest at Grays Harbor YMCA in Hoquiam last Friday and finished in first place with 691 points. There were five teams competing at the meet, the first of the season for Bremerton.

Below are Bremerton’s individual results.


2013 Fall Fest held at Grays Harbor Y Oct 12, 2013

Bremerton YMCA Results

8/Under 100 Mixed Med Relay: 1st Leah Howel/Aziza Meyer/Blake Robinson/Brendan Gill: 10/U 200 Mixed Med Relay:  1st Emma Khlke/Brendan Kerns/Valencia Tang/Dietrich Meyer:12/U 200 Mixed Med Relay: 1st  Adelaide Moulton/ Kylee Hutchinson/Haakon Meyer/Rainer Meyer: 21/U 200 Mixed Relay: 1st Aaron Tang/David Royce/Aspen Monkhouse/Gabbi Martin, 3rd Marie Snow/Kody Mears/Daniel Beery/Brooke lynne Tarbox.

10/U 100IM Girls: 1st Valencia Tang 1:20.73. :Boys 1st Brendan Kerns 1:30.06. 11-12 100 IM Girls: 4th Adelaide Moulton 1:19.27. 12th Kylee Hutchinson 1:28.07: Boys 1st Haakon Meyer 1:10.34.  13-21 Boys: 2nd David Royce 1:12.01.

8/U 25 Free Girls: 1st Leah Howell 18.48, 5th Sarah Sutton 26.16. Boys: 5th  Brendan Gill.

10/U 50 Free Girls: 2nd Emma Ehlke 36.49. Boys: 1st Dietrich Meyer 32.22, 2nd Rainer 32.75, 4th Spencer Gill 35.08, 5th Brendan Kerns 35.2 11-12 50 Free Girls: 2nd Adelaide Moulton 30.86, 6th Rain Biltah 33.29, 13th Kylee Hutchinson 35.97. Boys: 1st Haakon Meyer 27.77. 13-21 50 Free Girls: 1st Aspen Monkhouse 26.81,5th Gabbi Martin 30.03. Boys: 1st Kellen Meyers 22.45, 4th Daniel Beery 25.51, 5th Isaiah Snow 26.36, 9th David Royce 26.9, 10th Oliver Beery 27.46, 12th Aaron Tang 29.11.

8/U 25 Fly Girls: 1st Aziza Meyer23.58. 10/U 50 Fly Girls: 1st Valencia Tang 35.17, Boys: 1st Dietrich Meyer 39.64.  11-12 50 Fly Girls: 1st Brooke-lynne Tarbox 37.07.  Boys: 1st Haakon Meyer 33.28.

13-21 50 Fly Girls: 1st Aspen Monkhouse 30.34, 5th Marie Snow 33.89. Boys: 1st Daniel Beery 29.31, 2nd Isaiah Snow 29.67, 4th Cole Wright 30.55, 5th Kody Mears 31.78, 6th David Royce 34.07. 

8/U 25 Back Girls: 1st Sarah Sutton 27.55. 10/U 50 Back Girls: 2nd Emma Ehlke 42.63, 3rd Aziza Meyer 48.69, 4th Leah Howell 49.96. Boys: 2nd Spencer Gill 45.39, 6th Blake Robinson 50.71. 11-12 50 Back Girls: 3rd Adelaide Moulton 35.83, 5th Rain Biltah 37.84. 13-21 50 Back: 2nd Gabbi Martin 35.51. Boys: 1st Aaron Tang 34.58, 2nd Oliver Beery 34.82.

8/U 25 Breaststroke Boys: 1st  Blake Robinson 24.31. 9-10 50 Breaststroke Boys:  1st Rainer Meyer 46.37, 3rd  Brendan Kerns 46.56,  4th Spencer Gill 54.15.. 11-12 50 Breaststroke Girls: 3rd Kylee Hutchinson 44.2, 4th Brooke lynne Tarbox 45.38. 13-21 50 Breaststroke Girls: 3rd Marie Snow 40.98, Boys: 1st Kellen Meyers 29.88, 2nd Kody Mears 36.13.

8-U 50 Free Girls: 2nd Aziza Meyer 41.67, 3rd Leah Howell 43.48, 4th Sarah Sutton 57.56, Boys: 1st Blake Robinson 41.9, 4th Brendon Gill 49.37. 10/ U 100 FR Girls: 1st Valencia Tang 1:12.94, 3rd Emma Ehlke 1:26.9. Boys: 1st Dietrich Meyer 1:11.86. 11-12 100 FR Girls: 4th Rain Bitah 1:13.42, 6th Brooke lynne Tarbox 1:15.69. 13-21 100 FR Girls: 1st Aspen Monkhouse 58.91, 2nd Gabbi Martim 1:06.18, 3rd Marie Snow 1:06.95. Boys: 1st Kellen Meyers 50.53, 4th Daniel Beery 56.18, 5th Isaiah Snow 59.21, 7th Cole Wright 1:02.51, 8th Kody Mears 1:02.6, 9th Oliver Beery 1:03.64, 10th Aaron Tang 1:05.07.

8/U 100 FR Mixed Relay: 1st Aziza Meyer, Brendon Gill, Leah Howell, Blake Robinson. 10/U 200 FR Mixed Relay: 1st Valencia Tang, Spencer Gill, Emma Ehlke, Rainer Meyer . 12/U 200 FR Mixed Relay: 1st Rain Bitah, Dietrich Meyer, Brooke lynn Tarbox, Haakon Meyer. 13-21 200 FR Mixed Relay: 1st Isaiah Snow, Adelaide Moulton, Cole Wright, Aspen Monkhouse. 2nd Daniel Beery, Gabbi Martin, Oliver Beery, Marie Snow.

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