Nathan Adrian, Cal grads, headline meet in France

Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian

Here’s some more details on the meet in France that Bremerton’s Olympic champion Nathan Adrian, along with fellow California alum Anthony Ervin and Natalie Coughlin, will compete in Friday-Sunday.

The 2nd International Meeting of the Mediterranean is in Marsailles, which is located on the southern coast and west of Monaco. Adrian’s coach, Dave Durden, along with many others, are getting ready for their respective college championships — including the Pac 12’s which you can read about here.

That allowed Adrian, along with Ervin and Coughlin, the chance to jet across “The Pond” to France to get in some good competition. Other big name freestylers include France’s Fabian Gillot, Fred Bousquet and Florent Manaudou.

Psych sheets aren’t out yet, but I did find the schedule. The 50 free is set for a 9 a.m. start Saturday in Marseille. That would be 7 p.m. Friday (Bremerton time). The finals are at 4 p.m. — and again, that would make it 2 a.m. Saturday in B-town.

Sunday’s 100 free prelim means a 7 p.m. Saturday start time with the finals at 2 a.m. Monday.

Again, here’s the link, which is in French. If your French is terriblé, just click on the “English” button in the upper right-hand corner of the website for a translation.


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  1. Just a quick correction: the time difference between the US West Coast and France is 9hrs (France is ahead). So a 9am Saturday start in Marseille is a midnight Fri/Sat start time in Seattle. 4pm in France is 7am on the US West Coast, and 7pm is 10am. Just in case anyone is following for up to the minute results.

  2. Yes, you’re right. Thank you for the correction. Unfortunately, the finals will miss our print deadline, but I’ll update here on the blog.
    Thanks again,

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