Evans Says Suits Making a ‘Mockery’ of the Sport

Five-time Olympic medalist Janet Evans said the swimsuit controversy is making a mockery of the sport.

You can read what she had to say here. She had some pretty tough comments about FINA as well. Lest we forget, Evans knows a thing or two about competing in an unfair sport. Evans had to go up against the East Germans — who could make MLB’s steroid controversy look like a blip on the radar screen.

USA Today columnist Christine Brennan wrote this story regarding the suit fiasco. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, there are 2,679 stories on the suits on the Internet.

One thought on “Evans Says Suits Making a ‘Mockery’ of the Sport

  1. Seems to fit in with the confusion in our own counrty these days. See this evenings Glen Beck show on Fox.

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